woman.  Taste is important to her.  She's often fashion-conscious and trend-conscious.  She's rarely the old-fashioned type for whom the sentimental memories of Victoriana suffice.  More often she'll be intensely modern in her tastes, from clothes to cars to the films she enjoys and the books she reads.  Nostalgia is a Cancerian trait, not a Geminian one. 

The Gemini woman can be a fascinating creature.  She can also be an elusive one, and a thoroughly confusing one if you attempt to type her.  She's particularly confusing if you expect her moods to be consistent and her interests focused.  But once again, remember the butterfly.  Butterflies aren't provided by nature for utilitarian reasons such as our food supply or the wood from which we would build houses.  Whatever nature had in mind, we enjoy butterflies for their beauty, for their grace, for their freedom, for their brightness.  To stretch the analogy to unbearable lengths, we do derive one useful commodity from the efforts of this kingdom of nature:  silk, the most delicate and luxurious and exotic of fabrics.  Gemini is often like silk:  you can't expect to repair your car in silk, or subject it to the brutalities of a washing machine, but treated delicately and appreciated for its beauty, it's the most cherished material in the world. 

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