which offers the whole situation at a single glance.  He usually doesn't mean to be cruel; but dwelling in the heights as he does, he isn't often aware of the emotional reactions going on around him.  He isn't terribly vulnerable himself, and has the precious gift of self-laughter as well.  You can mimic him if you like.  What he can't understand is the poor soul who bursts into noisy tears because of his little joke.  What did he do?  Never mind, it's obviously time to move on. 

Gemini excels in the media, particularly at journalism, the kind of writing or reporting which communicates the entire picture in a few clever images.  And the urge to communicate is powerful in this sign as is the urge to learn.  There is something eternally childlike about Gemini's mind.  If you take the cycle of the zodiac as a symbol of the different stages of man's development, Gemini, being the third sign, represents the stage where the thinking processes begin.  Watch a child when he's interested in something.  His interest may be short-lived; but as soon as he discovers something, he must tell everybody about it.  It's as natural to him as breathing.  Gemini's often monopolize conversations for hours, not because they want to draw special attention to themselves as many Leos do, but because if they know something interesting then it's the most natural thing in the world to tell it to everyone else too. 

And Gemini is also the great democrat of the zodiac.  You couldn't really expect him to be otherwise, he treasures his own capacity to think and certainly isn't prepared to give over the right of decision-making and concept-forming to anybody else.  Tell him what to think about something and you'll see his back receding in the distance very quickly.  The immense pleasure that Gemini takes in discovering something for himself, finding something out, learning something, is so obvious and so bright that you could scarcely imagine him following someone else's opinions with any docility.  And because he likes to be well-informed, it's hard to fool him or swing him emotionally.  He's interested in people, from a distance, and loves to find out how they tick; and he will talk to just about anybody to find out a little something about something because to him everything is interesting.  You'll rarely find conservatism or prejudice in Gemini's lively, stimulating mind.   

He plays a price for these shining gifts, of course.  No one can be everything, and we're all pretty lopsided to start with.  In order to preserve that smooth, polished world-view that comes from skimming over the surface of an amazing variety of life's experiences, Gemini must often sacrifice his capacity for deeper relating.  The more he spreads himself among the flowers, sampling here and there, the less likely he is to be able to sustain a close relationship.  Gemini isn't really the person to choose if you like long intense discussions about emotions.  It makes him feel trapped, crushed, and possessed.  He'll usually make a joke or a witty quip about the things he feels most intensely about.  And he'd prefer that you quip too, rather than pour out your deepest soul in grand, theatrical gestures.  It makes him turn pale with embarrassment.  Then he's liable to do this vanishing act, and you're left to clean out the mess. 

With all that knowledge clattering about inside his skull, you'd expect Gemini to also have knowledge about himself.  Not so.  He is the least introspective sign of the zodiac, and it takes some pretty critical or difficult experience to get him to actually sit down and sort out his own motives.  It's not his style.  Like a child, he's capable of plunging into some pretty sour emotional states or moods, which don't last very long (no mood does with Gemini) and which he rarely analyses or understands.  His demand for personal freedom is so strong that he'll often recoil with resentment if you try to get him to change or alter his natural changeability.  And he's fully capable of practising big and little deceptions, both on others and on himself, when he feels too pinned down. 

You'll notice that references to childlike qualities have been mentioned several times.  In a nutshell, Gemini is the eternal child of the zodiac.  This doesn't mean he's childish, in the sense that we use the word to describe people whose behaviour has embarrassed us in some way.  It means childlike, which is not the same thing.  His lively interest in

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