learning, his tendency to go off in several directions at once (I know several Geminis who watch television and read books simultaneously, or carry on phone conversations and write letters, or any other sleight of hand you can think of), and his dislike of having to carry responsibilities which he can't understand are all qualities which give him a lot in common with children.  In fact, many Geminis get on brilliantly with children - not from the emotional, motherly point of view like Cancer does, but because they love things that amuse them and are downright brilliant at keeping the wandering interest of a child's mind because their own minds wander in the same way. 

No, Gemini doesn't care for responsibility very much.  He's usually got a strong ethical code - all airy signs do - and he'll deal with people fairly.  In that sense, he's one of the most responsible of the signs, because he's an idealist as far as how he sees people and their interrelationships.  But duty for duty's sake doesn't interest him; he likes to travel light.  He's generally happier with a few back doors open, in case he decides he needs a little journey to refresh him.  Tie him down to one place and one job doing one thing for any length of time and he'll either go to pieces in a mass of nervous fidgeting, smoking, nail-biting and paper-shredding, or he'll leave.  Gemini needs mental and physical mobility.  Put him where he can talk to people, travel a little, and he's fine, and perfectly capable of discharging responsibility.  Put him with a partner who talks a lot about duty, and you're guaranteed a failed relationship. 

Words are fascinating things for Gemini.  Whether he's the more verbal type of Gemini who talks a blue streak or the quieter type (yes, there are some) whose minds may be spinning with all kinds of things but who are too introverted to tell you about them, language is usually a wonderful and eternally stimulating game to him.  I have met many Geminis who are incurable pun-makers - a form of humour which seems to be peculiar to only a couple of signs, Pisces being the other - because they love to play with language.  Self-expression through language is extremely important, and Gemini also often loves to hear himself talk - not because he thinks he's so wonderful, but because he's fascinated with what words can do.  Often he'll learn other languages quickly, and word-plays amuse him where clumsier forms of humour leave him cold.  And language means a lot to him, too.  Language is the expression of a whole people, and tells you about the psychological traits of the country where it's spoken.  Marlene Dietrich is said to have once made an amusing observation on language.  In French, she said, the male genital organs are feminine gender; and in English, both are neuter.  That's the sort of thing that Geminis notice.  Why?  Well, because it's interesting.  And it makes you think. 

Life isn't a terribly serious business for Gemini.  For this reason many Geminis drift, uncertain as to where their skills or vocations lie, because so much is interesting and they often show little talent at a lot of things.  Even if Gemini has one definite talent, he'll generally be pretty restless and dissatisfied dedicating himself to it, because, well, only one thing to do is pretty boring.  In some ways it's good general advice to Gemini to always have either two jobs, or a job and an important hobby, because that way when one gets boring the other seems fresh and interesting.  We aren't taught to look at careers like this; we're supposed, in this world, to do one thing and do it well.  Often the Gemini is sadly short-changed by this policy, because his real gift isn't at doing one thing well, but at finding the links between two completely disparate things.  He's really a bridge-builder in ideas.  And he's happiest when he can translate one sphere of life into the language of another. 

You can generally spot Gemini by his eyes.  Not that they're peculiar or anything.  It's just that they're generally moving, even when he's talking to you and deeply interested in what you're saying.  But he simply can't help noticing someone new who has walked into the room, or some new object which has appeared on the table or the

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