altar, avoid Gemini. 

Most of all, the Gemini man is interesting, and likes to be with other people who are interesting.  That means his partner must be interested and interesting:  otherwise he has a very low boredom level, and has been known to seek his interests elsewhere with frequency.  This doesn't mean one must be a brilliant intellectual to make a good match with Gemini.  But it means that the mind has to be alive.  Talk to him all day about what the baby ate and you're asking for trouble.  Obviously no one can become what they aren't.  But if your idea of partnership is to sit silently in front of the fire holding hands and sipping eggnogs, try a Taurus or a Cancer.  You notice the signs immediately when Gemini's hit his boredom level.  He fidgets.  His eyes wander around a lot.  He looks longingly at the telephone - an instrument of communication which many Geminis love, because it allows them to chatter without the discomfort of emotional confrontation - and waits with positively frightening eagerness for the post to be delivered.  When you see those signs, either sharpen up your own wit, or take him out to the theatre.  The butterfly is preparing to take off. 

The most glorious thing about the Gemini man, the thing which makes his peculiar moods and delicate evasiveness bearable, is the fact that he's really interesting.  Now, to some people that might not sound like much, but to those who have had a fairly satiating dose of boring and dull people living boring and dull lives, where imagination never takes wing and humour never sparkles and everything is horribly serious and responsible and one never, never behaves in a zany or unpredictable or childish fashion, Gemini is like the draught of the elixir.  He reminds you that life is new, and fun, and something fascinating to be explored.  And having spent some time around the butterfly, you might even discover you've got wings. 

The Gemini Woman

If you think all women should be sweet, emotional creatures without a great deal of intelligence, whose true role in life is to bear children and devote themselves to their mates, you shouldn't be reading this book in the first place.  And you particularly shouldn't be reading about the airy signs, since women born under this element are even less likely than anybody else to want to fulfill that lovely traditional image.  Air sign women think; and the Gemini woman, in common with her Aquarian and Libran cousins, can generally out-think most anybody you know.  Her thinking might not always be either scientific or consistent, but she's a person of ideas, who needs mental stimulation and interesting people in her life.  It's not that the Gemini woman is incapable of being loving, or maternal, or domestic.  It's just that these things aren't usually at the top of the list of priorities.  Gemini, whether male or female, must have air to breathe and space to explore. 

There's often a quality of sophistication about the Gemini woman.  Whether you see her in a small country village tending her home and children, or at an art gallery opening in New York City, she'll usually be the one who's read everything she can get her hands on about just about every subject you can think of.  She may know something about Iranian politics, and Persian mythology, and knitting patterns, and rare butterflies, and the breeding of horses.  One thing she's not:  provincial.  She needs company and stimulation, and you can't expect her to be happy with a life of strict routine.  And she needs to be appreciated not only as a woman, but also as an interesting person.  Many Gemini women become neurotic and terribly unhappy because they try to adapt themselves to somebody else's - society, family, husband - image of how they should behave, and underrate their own versatility and restlessness. 

Yes, restlessness.  The Gemini woman, like the Gemini man, often needs two jobs, or a series of hobbies, or a regular class or group discussion, to keep her happy.  Her desire to learn is one of her

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