motherly love.  No wonder Gemini all to often remains a little boy - or a little girl - with a dark secret face. 

In common with the other two airy signs, Gemini usually has a high code of ethics in his relationships.  Although he's often evasive, and dislikes being probed for secrets, he'll usually not deliberately lie or lose his integrity in dealing with others.  The element of air has its code of principles, and its principles are high.  Many Geminians try with almost super human effort to live up to their ethical codes, and fail, because the ethical code doesn't allow anybody to react, in an inconsistent way, and then crumple beneath the anger of an emotionally hurt partner.  Gemini takes the path of deviousness when there isn't any other way to go.  But usually there isn't any other way because he simply can't understand emotional language.  How can you explain yourself in the face of an accusation you simply don't understand?  If you make a demand of Gemini - like, 'You've been ignoring me all evening,' he is likely to offer an evasive answer on principle, because he's aware of so many possible answers and so unaware of his real feelings.  Usually he won't even know what you're talking about.  It seems perfectly all right to him. 

One of the most difficult combinations of signs is Gemini and Scorpio, whether you find this within one person's chart - one of the sun, the other the ascendant - or between two charts.  They personify the opposite poles of air and water beautifully.  Scorpio is a water sign, and therefore highly subjective, with feeling-based responses.  And the typical Scorpios will rarely put up with evasiveness, since his nature compels him to dig to the bottom of any issue to discover its hidden roots and motives.  Gemini can't bear to be psychoanalyzed, largely because he's terrified of what he'll find underneath.  Many Geminians are scornful of the whole realm of psychological exploration, because they have the gift of analyzing things and figure that once you've named a problem it'll go away quietly.  Of course it doesn't since intellectual analysis isn't any help with feelings.  Gemini will often be flippant when accused of some dark and convoluted motive.  Or he'll make something up.  Or he'll go cold, and simply not answer, or walk out.  The truth is that he doesn't know, and what he doesn't know frightens him.  Have compassion.  Gemini often seeks help from intellectual maps and systems and structures in his attempts to find out what he really feels about things. 

There are Geminis, both male and female, who always remain children, in both the best and the worst sense of the word.  They are the eternal butterflies, gilded and charming, delightful and about as substantial as
zabaglione.  If you get involve with this more extreme type of Gemini who's never come to terms with the other twin, enjoy yourself, but keep your eyes open.  Gemini needs lots and lots of rope.  He may or may not hang himself with it.  But commitment is terrifying to this type of Gemini, and he's usually not prepared to look beneath the sparkling and effervescent surface of his own mind, full of cross-currents and ripples and mirages, to see what either his needs or yours really are.  It's just too much trouble.  If you're a strongly maternal type, like Taurus or Cancer, or the gentle sensitive type like Pisces, or the intense and jealous type like Scorpio, make very sure that you've got a life of your own, so that you don't expect Gemini to carry all your emotional needs for you.  He simply can't.  And maybe you'll learn something from him or her:  like how to let go and allow Gemini the air he needs so badly.  Geminis become positively psychologically asthmatic when they can't escape. 

And if you're lucky enough to find one of those Geminis who has a little self-understanding, then you're lucky indeed.  For although Gemini will always be elusive and challenging, and will never take kindly to having to explain motives and reason, and will rarely learn to enjoy dramatic emotional scenes, he'll meet you halfway.  Then he's truly the Mercurius of alchemy, the translator and transformer, for he can show with the magic wand of his wit the distant mountain heights where the air is clear. 

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