strongest motivations, and needs to be developed and encouraged - whether this means attending university, or attending evening courses in one or two subjects which interests her, or just going down to the local library a lot.  In career terms, the Gemini woman often makes an excellent solicitor, advertising or marketing executive, translator, teacher, journalist, or photographer - and the whole world of the media, films, radio, television suit her admirably.  She also needs contact with more than one person.  The Gemini woman, limited to just a husband and children to talk to, will often vent her frustrations by becoming an intolerable gossip, because she simply must communicate. 

Problems with emotional expression are characteristic with the Gemini woman as they are with the Gemini man.  The natural Geminian tendency to hold in emotion, to negate it, to analyse it away, often means that the Gemini woman lives a kind of near-hysterical extroverted life running and running away from feelings of loneliness or unhappiness.  A good case in point is Marilyn Monroe, who perhaps might have been spared the tragic conclusion to her life if she had been more emotionally honest with herself.  Her attraction lay as much in her sparkle as it did in her looks, for Gemini radiates a kind of fascination whether he or she is conventionally attractive or not. 

You often see Gemini women who are terribly highly-strung and nervous.  It's a characteristic Geminian response to repressed emotion.  It's got to do with that other twin, the one we talked about earlier.  For the Gemini woman, the polarity in her nature often consists of her feminine self and her intellect, which are frequently at odds with each other.  She'll have in equal proportions the same needs and drives which motivate any woman, and the Geminian intellectual drive as well.  And they don't always get on too well together, these two faces, because if you pursue the mind with all its butterfly weavings and turnings, you can't afford to commit yourself either to love or to maternity.  It's a hard tangle for the Gemini woman to sort out.  She's often more at home in conversations with men than with her own sex:  and unless her children are interesting themselves, and able to keep her mind fascinated, she often finds the nonverbal side of communication with children difficult.  Many Gemini women have great academic expectations from their children, especially if they have not developed themselves along this line; and it's probably a more sensible exercise for the Geminian woman to satisfy her own love of learning and travel and excitement first before she attempts to raise a family.  Otherwise the low boredom level, and the dislike of routine, can become pretty difficult. 

No astrological sign is deficient in any basic human need or expression.  It's just that each sign suggests a bias, a propensity to learn one way more than another.  With Gemini, ruled by Mercury, the need for knowledge and experience and stimulation is often greater than the need for security.  It's a question of trying to allow room in one's life for all one's needs to be fulfilled.  This is why Gemini, as a sign for a woman, requires plenty of room for personal freedom, development of ideas, and contact socially beyond the family circle.  Air signs, as we've said several times already, need air. 

The quality of delicate romanticism exists in the Gemini woman as well as the Gemini man.  It isn't a heavy or strongly emotional romanticism; it's light, cultured, and airy.  Gemini needs to be frivolous, and love for Gemini must contain some humour and some frivolity as well as more intense emotion.  Also, it needs to be talked about.  The Gemini woman loves words as much as the Gemini man, which means that the tacit assumption that your presence bespeaks your love doesn't accomplish any miracles.  The Gemini woman appreciates a man who can be articulate, especially about his feelings.  And Gemini also likes a few games; things shouldn't be brutally honest or stark or without style. 

Sometimes you see a strong aesthetic sensitivity in the Gemini

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