background and collect the money and wash up the dishes.  Never mind.  Her gift is at bringing people together, inspiring them, delighting them, teaching them, opening up the world for them.  Not, in fact, cleaning up after them. 

Sagittarius the romantic can have a problematic time in long-term relationships.  Because she loves the new and the exciting, the Sagittarius woman may follow the pattern of her male counterpart, always seeking the knight on the white horse who can take her away from banality and show her a world of fairy-tale romance.  This may be a literal escapade or a fantasy one; but those escapades are common and very likely to occur.  But she does come back again, if let alone.  What you can't do is possess her; she'll fight then, and isn't averse to just walking out.  Sagittarian women are very independent.  You see it even in a Sagittarius child.  You don't tell them to do something.  You ask.  Nicely. 

Sagittarius, like Gemini, needs to be able to communicate.  If you're after the quiet, docile type, forget it.  Sagittarian women are great talkers; and they'll talk about anything they've found exciting and interesting.  They have a knack of making it sound exciting for others, too.  Sometimes they go on too long, and become bores; and there's no bore like your Sagittarian bore once he gets on his favorite passion or enthusiasm of the moment.  But in general, Sagittarius is a conversational animal, and needs a partner who's interested and willing to talk as well.  The silent, taciturn type doesn't do terribly well mated to the archer. 
All the fiery signs need to be in love.  That fine distinction made between loving and the state of in-love-ness is all right for the more rational elements of air and earth.  But without the belief in love, fire wilts.  And the Sagittarius woman is really, in her heart, in love with life itself.  It's to be lived, not caged; and although she'll inevitably take quite a few romantic knocks in the nature of things - not least because her need for personal freedom and independence may drive away a few frightened partners - she never loses her hopes for the future.  This woman is an optimist, a believer in the value and the vitality of life.  Spend any time around her, and you'll begin to believe it too.  Sagittarius faith is infectious.  But unlike most infectious things, it isn't fatal.  Just the opposite.  It breeds life. 

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