The more introverted Sagittarian may not be found frequenting a new disco or roller skating rink.  But he'll usually be miles ahead of everyone else with a new novel, a new philosophy, a new film, a new cultural phenomenon.  The same gifted intuition works here, but in a more interior way.   And it works, too, with contacts.  Nobody has the penchant for making valuable contacts than Sagittarius does.  Somehow it's always the centaur who 'bumps into' the director looking for a new lead, the publisher looking for a new work, the record producer looking for a fresh voice.  It can make you tear your hair, the way luck seems to pour from heaven onto Sagittarius' haloed head.  But it isn't really luck.  It's that remarkable eye for the opportunity, that intuitive nose that can spot a potential or a possibility thirty miles away.  And also the impulsiveness, rashness, boldness, call it what you will, that gives Sagittarius the flaming nerves to try his luck, where other signs will cower in the wings waiting for something more concrete. 

Boredom is the great enemy of this rampant and random sign, and believe me, they get very easily bored.  It takes a mere doing something twice in the same way to push the more restless type of centaur out after the next arrow.  After all, he's done that one.  Why do it again?  Never mind telling him about the rewards of applied, disciplined effort.  Pass that advice onto a Virgo or Capricorn.  Sagittarius isn't interested.  For him, it's the exhilaration of the process of getting there, not the kind of reward you can hold in your hand.  Besides, if he ever got to hold it in his hand, he'll no doubt spend it within five minutes anyway. 

Let's take another look at Jupiter, for he is full of information about our unpredictable fire sign.  For another thing, he's got a very jealous wife.  Not that jealousy is the way to keep a Sagittarian in a relationship; fences drive him crazy, and ultimatums are guaranteed to drive him directly into the opposite behaviour.  But think again.  Without that jealous wife trailing him everywhere and doing terrible things to his mortal mistresses, where would Jupiter be?  Where would the spark and excitement of all those peccadilloes go?  Right.  What makes them fun in large part, is that Jupiter gets to fool someone, to play the gambling game.  If it were all socially acceptable and out in the open, why, he probably wouldn't bother.  It would have been too boring.  The elements of danger and a little rebellion against social mores are lifeblood to Sagittarius.  He may look conventional, but he loves to push his luck. 

Another thing about Jupiter.  He's always changing shape.  When courting, he's apt to be a swan, a bull, a shower of gold, virtually anything else his imagination can create.  It's the consummate actor again.  Sagittarius loves to play roles - the more theatrical, the better.  Being caught in the same costume twice is quite horrific for him.  His restless mind is always seeking new ways to approach those goals, new costumes, new poses, new techniques.  Change, travel, constant mental stimulus, exploration of unknown landscapes - tell Sagittarius that there really is a hidden treasure under that mountain and he'll be as happy as any Taurus with his bank account bursting.  Find a Sagittarian who's forced to circle the same ground over and over again, perform the same routine in endless monotony, and you have found the most miserable of creatures. 

Jupiter also has a mighty explosive temper.  Think of all those thunderbolts and flashes of lightning.  He can be pretty terrifying in mid-eruption.  But when it's over, the anger is gone, and he's jovial again.  Not a god to hold a grudge.  And although Sagittarius can sometimes display a fairly flamboyant sort of anger, complete with waving arms and smashed crockery, he really doesn't brood about it afterward.  You won't find Sagittarius plotting away in the corner ten years later like you will Scorpio, or nursing his wounds like Cancer.  Once he's yelled at you, he's finished.  Often he can't understand why the recipient of all his blustering and noise is so hurt by the display.  After all, he didn't really mean it, not really.  All those horribly blunt, hair-raisingly honest remarks he made weren't really true, they were just, well, for effect.  As you pick yourself up off the floor after his barrage of deadly verbal arrows, you may well be astonished at how quickly he's recovered his usual sweet temper.  But Sagittarius isn't renowned for his sensitivity to

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