inspiring philosophical discussion.  Sagittarius watches other people a lot, and he has both a strong sense of irony and an acute degree of insight.  The leaping intuition of the element of fire is directed toward the world of ideas to Sagittarius - often with great brilliance or, at the very least, with a capacity to grasp broader implications and themes.  No Sagittarian, however poorly read or educated, lacks this capacity to make connections between the ridiculous and the sublime. 

Jupiter is the King of Gods because he's the biggest.  And in an odd sort of way Sagittarius is the biggest sign - in terms of horizons.  Better to shoot an arrow high and lose it than to aim low. 

The Sagittarian Lover

It's a traditional tale that Sagittarius exhibits a certain reluctance when it comes to things like marital vows.  This is pretty understandable in light of all the foregoing; since Sagittarius' great love is of open possibilities, he's naturally going to baulk when he's asked to give up all those future possibilities for one reality for the rest of his life.  'Till death do us part' is a phrase which resonates in his consciousness largely because of the word 'death', which is what such a commitment may seem like to our ever-questing archer.  And this is especially true when you find the archer who's already been through a marriage which he made in the days when his idealism was untarnished by the realization that sometimes things don't quite work out that way.  Find a once-divorced Sagittarian and he's likely to be very, very shy of getting bitten again.  And in many ways a state of non-marriage suits Sagittarius, not because he's necessarily always roving and dissatisfied, but because he at least knows he can exist if he wants to with a minimum of fuss.  And just knowing that the back door is open does wonders for his anxieties. 

Sagittarius might not sound like too good a prospect for relationship, from all that we've said.  This isn't really true, of course, it just depends on the quality of the relationship.  His myth is certainly that of the wanderer.  But myths portray symbols and psychological realities, not necessarily literal behaviour.  The endless seeking after future goals and possibilities, the endless quest for meaning, may in fact be a quest lived within his own soul, and not necessarily through a series of partners revolving around the bedroom.  Some Sagittarians, of course, choose the literal enactment.  And there isn't a great deal you can do about it, unless you like this sort of open relationship and are prepared to have your own life too.  It isn't always a pathology; after all, remember Jupiter.  He sets a fine example. 

If you've got yourself into an involvement with a Sagittarian like this, it won't do much good to play Juno and become the nagging, jealous, suspicious wife.  It really doesn't help at all; and it often drives the Sagittarian, like Jupiter, straight into more sympathetic arms.  The same applies to the Sagittarian woman, who may often display the same propensities as her male counterpart.  As soon as you remind Sagittarius that he's responsible to somebody for something, he often gets very, very uncomfortable, and has to do something to convince himself that he can't be tied by responsibilities.  If you want to do anything at all to help the situation with a profligate Sagittarian, try reverse psychology.  But that's for very strong people.  Otherwise, find yourself a more constant and homebound sign. 

The Sagittarius Man

This elusive and fascinating creature can often be spotted either by his tendency to gesticulate wildly or by his tendency to tell very funny stories.  Often he'll do both.  But one of the things which virtually exudes all over from Sagittarius is his sense of dramatic irony. 

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