You'll often find that the Sagittarius man does his traveling and his wandering on a mental level rather than a physical one.  They are often the apparent intellectuals of the zodiac, devouring books, absorbing all forms of knowledge like tasty meals.  But Sagittarius isn't an intellectual in the sense that Gemini is; he's not prone to analyzing with a fine-toothed comb all the bits of information that come into his head.  He's much more intuitive, and more interested in relating fields of knowledge than in dissecting them.  And his mind is speculative - whether it's about philosophy, literature, the arts, or the stock-market. 

For him, this life of the mind is much more important than what he eats for dinner.  In fact, he'll often forget to eat.  The Sagittarius man has a peculiar habit of getting involved, particularly in the earlier part of life, with rather maternal and earthy women who see his absent-minded and endearing quality ('The poor dear, he's so brilliant and he can't even remember to change his shirt.') and immediately feel they need to take care of him.  Now, what he doesn't need, repeat, doesn't need, is to be taken care of.  Yes, of course, he'd live in a pigsty without you, and his clothes would be rumpled, and his hair needing cutting, but if you do all these things for him he'll not only grow to resent it in time, he'll also never get to do it himself.  Besides, he might not particularly care.  Sagittarius, like the other fiery signs, is often attracted to the earthy signs - Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn.  And the Sagittarian man with an earthy partner will, for a time, certainly allow her to become the symbol of steadiness, stability, reliability.  If you're cast in this role, try to stop playing it right at the beginning, not at the end.  It's a tragic mistake that occurs regularly in Sagittarian relationships.  You can't mother him until he grows up.  For one thing, growing up in his terms means something different from growing up in yours.  For earthy people, maturity is synonymous with taking responsibility in the tangible world.  For fiery people, maturity is seeing, knowing, understanding.  By earthy terms, Sagittarius will never wholly grow up; nor should he.  And all that careful mothering and shirt-ironing which is usually aimed (secretly) at binding the dashing, wandering soul to you for all eternity, is likely to backfire in a bad way.  Sagittarius, for all his longing for earth and steadiness, needs ultimately to find it in himself.  And the less responsibility you take for him, the less resentful you'll be, and the more relaxed he'll feel, and the better the future for you both. 

Not that you're to blame.  The archer is a stimulating and exciting and dynamic man, and his fleet-of-foot quality, that tantalizing quality of free self-expression and untamed vision, makes him terribly appealing particularly to women who long for a little excitement and adventure in their lives.  And there's no doubt that Sagittarius' adventurous soul is guaranteed not to bore you.  But try to find adventure and excitement in yourself first, please; then you're likely to enjoy him and his vision much, much more.  One of Sagittarius basic approach to life is to laugh at it; after all, what's so serious when you really think about it?  You have to have a sense of humour yourself; otherwise you won't understand at all what he's laughing at, especially when he laughs at you.  Sagittarius can sometimes be a terrible tease, and he's not averse to taking a sly little poke at anyone who carries too much seriousness or pomposity.  Fortunately this not very endearing quality is balanced by the fact that he can laugh at himself, too. 

The Sagittarian man's biggest problem in relationships is making the dreaded bridge between romantic fantasy and fleshy reality.  For many archers, it's just too big a gap, and they never succeed in bridging it.  Living in the fantasy world, if you've got the money to support it, is the only recourse for this kind of Sagittarian.  Some archers despair, and feel they'll never achieve a successful relationship, so they roam through life leaving a trail of broken affairs behind them, unfinished business, unpaid debts, unlived life.  The fear of failure here is as big as the fear of material failure to the Sagittarian.  After all, what was Jupiter trying to prove?  Behind the

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