often contemptuous and ironic attitude which many Sagittarian men have toward love and commitment, you'll often find a frightened child who's afraid his romantic world will be smashed.  The child can build a pretty big cynical wall around himself.  He can arm himself with a stunning array of quips, jokes, and nasty asides which makes you think he has no heart.  But inside, he's a child.  Don't fall for it.  Sagittarius has a heart of gold.  It just bruises easily.  Eventually, he learns that the idea is to reach the first goal first.  And trust and friendship are the guideposts that help him on his way.  He can offer these in abundance himself, and he truly deserves them in exchange. 

The Sagittarius Woman

There are women adventurers, too.  Not all explorers, mountain-climbers, and world travelers are male Sagittarius.  And the true female archer is as restless, as hungry for experience, as longing to explore the fascinating carnival that she sees in life as her male counterpart.  This woman needs personal freedom to an extraordinary degree, and she's not known for her readiness to marry or her readiness to take up domestic responsibilities.  Frequently she's happier spending a lifetime without both.  And she's likely to have a child out of wedlock and happily raise it as a traveling companion as she is to ensconce herself behind secure walls.  Walls, for any Sagittarian, are like waving a red flag at a bull. 

Any career which allows space, travel, freedom of movement, and opportunity for new contacts pleases the Sagittarian woman.  And the archer who doesn't pursue a career still needs these things.  Failing everything else, she'll become a socialite, because at least she gets to throw parties and meet exciting people.  There are also more introverted, philosophical Sagittarian women - and some, like Jane Fonda, who may be philosophical but also more typical of their sign in that they are vociferous about their philosophies.  You'll also find the Sagittarius woman involved in a cause of one kind or another, because her astute vision and sense of movements within the group give her an interest and a concern for human welfare. 

One thing she isn't, and that is opinionless.  Sagittarius is always thinking about something, chewing it over, learning it, reading about it, discussing it.  Convictions are terribly important to the Sagittarian woman, although her convictions are likely to change regularly.  Sagittarius is a fluid, flexible sign.  You'll also sometimes see the more spiritual or religious side in evidence in the Sagittarian woman - often showing as an interest in religion, myth, psychology, and various assorted esoteric or occult subjects.  There's a love of the unknown and the challenging, the magical and the unexplained. 

There is also a strong sense of fun and humour in the Sagittarian woman.  And the famous blunt Sagittarian tongue is also much in evidence here.  You can't expect an archer to flatter you diplomatically.  More likely she'll deliver a verbal punch between the eyes - not because she's cruel, but because she has a tendency to speak before she thinks, and to not quite realize that you, sensitive soul that you are, have just been irrevocably crushed by the insult.  She's usually right, too; it's pretty difficult to fool Sagittarius' sharp intuition, which has a way of seeing right through postures and hypocrisy. 

You may see a touch of the groupie here.  The Sagittarius woman often needs to be where the action is, where interesting and exciting people are.  Whether it's by her own talents or through somebody else's, she's attracted to anything new and important.  And she needs to be moving all the time, working at things, busy with projects.  What doesn't work is the nine-to-five routine and the office filing cabinet, or the six-to-eight routine of the kids' breakfasts and the shopping and the ironing.  In fact, you might have noticed that many Sagittarian women are terribly inept at dealing with things like tangible organization.  If they do it, they often get good earthy help - those Virgos and Capricorns and Taureans who stand quietly in the

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