subtler feelings.  His arrows can be really destructive to the more sensitive signs - like Pisces, Virgo, Cancer - but he doesn't realize it.  Bash him over the head and he won't crumple with horror.  He might bash back, but it's all part of the game.  How can you remain angry at such naïveté? 

Sagittarius can also be downright gullible, if you flatter him properly.  Like all the fiery signs, he loves mythology - especially if it means he can mythologize himself.  A lovable quality - unless you happen to be his wife and it's somebody else offering the flattery.  Then what do you do?  Absolutely nothing.  Offer lots of rope.  With luck, he'll hang himself.  The heart of the fiery signs is always true.  But it's true to the ideal, not to the physical reality with all its imperfections.  And it's pretty hard for this fiery spirit to inhabit a world of boundaries and limitations.  Show him that you understand that, and you've earned an undying friendship. 

Friendship, by the way, is a key word for Sagittarius.  He will often refer to a lover as 'my friend', for this ultimately means more to him.  Heavy displays of emotion, particularly the soggy kind that don't have any romantic dash to them, are very disturbing to Sagittarius.  He can take grand drama - after all, he makes enough of it himself - but he can't stand pathos.  Domesticity too can terrify the wits out of him.  And this applies to the female Sagittarian as well.  Offer her the 3.4 children, the piles of unwashed diapers, the dinner to cook, the beds to make, and no prospect of ever escaping on some exciting journey, and you'll never see anyone run so fast.  The world of safe, unchanging domestic security and serenity is not Sagittarius' idea of a happy life.  He needs his pack on his back and a mountain to climb.  Home is pleasant, so long as the back door isn't kept locked. 

What, then, is this quest on which every true Sagittarian spirit must embark?  It varies.  Much has been written about the sporty side of the sign.  But this is more a by-product than the goal of the quest.  Lots of Sagittarians hate sport.  And travel, although often a favorite Sagittarian pursuit, is really a means of enlarging one's horizon.  The Sagittarian traveler isn't the one who books the two-week package holiday in the huge hotel on the Costa del Sol and sits in the sun nursing his tan.  He's the one who needs to be mobile, who needs a city to explore, a ruin, a chateau, a library, a mountain, a place no one else has been.  And the stranger and more alien the culture, the better off he likes it. 

In a sentence, at the heart of Sagittarius there lies a great craving to explore and understand life.  Whether orthodox or not, Sagittarius, like Leo, is a deeply religious sign, and the word religious is here used in its original sense:  to reconnect.  This means reconnection with the source, with the roots of life, with some sense of meaning.  Whether you find him traveling as a salesman or an archaeologist, a poet or a scholar, whatever profession or job he lands himself in.  Sagittarius is trying to broaden his scope, to enlarge his consciousness.  Life is a curious and interesting thing to Sagittarius.  It is something to be played with, explored, enjoyed, peered into.  And ultimately, understood. 

Watch the typical Sagittarian conversation line.  Make an ordinary everyday remark - something like, 'Have you noticed that fashions this summer are getting very ethnic - all that hemp and linen and Indian cotton?'  Any other sign would reply with a personal comment.  Yes, I really like the look.  Or yes, I really hate the look.  Or, it's great because the clothes are so cheap.  Or, my mother doesn't approve because you can see through muslin.  But listen to the Sagittarian.  Everything, to him, is connected with something larger.  Whether in the pool hall or in the university, he is an irrepressible philosopher, with or without the vocabulary.  Expansion is the keyword.  So:  'Yes, I've noticed.  I'm sure it's because in our current society there is a deep need for trying to reestablish a connection with nature.  Technology has forced man to….'    And you're off on a deep, broad, often hilariously funny and frequently

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