it goes.  If you promise, mean it.  She simply doesn't understand, otherwise.  And you get cast in the role of the bastard. 

No matter what the Taurus woman goes through - from expensive call-girl to business manager - there is an innate na´vetÚ and wholesomeness, a naturalness, that experience doesn't seem to be able to quench.  Even the Taurus woman, whose practical abilities and business acumen and persistence have led her to build a career for herself in the world, possesses this na´vetÚ.  Simplicity is perhaps a kinder word.  It can be both - charming ingenuousness or infuriating literalness.  But the great gift of the Taurus woman is her ability to keep things within the realm of common sense, whether it's in a domestic environment or at a job.  Her eye for the realistic, the stable, the reliable, is inerringly accurate.  She's a poor judge of people, because people are more complex and have layers.  Her eye for facts of a tangible kind is fantastically accurate.  And her common sense is a wonderful elixir for the jaded visionary who has seen so many possibilities, and dissipated so many talents, that he can't see the point any longer.  Taurus brings things down to earth.  And because it's a gentle sign, it's likely to be a soft landing. 

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