heart of the feminist.  He loves being spoiled, and often takes it as his due.  It depends once again, on your taste.  Remember that, no matter how lurid his past or iconoclastic his views, deep down he's conventional, and probably will always have a touch of the male chauvinist about him.  But that isn't really so bad, if you remember that it's nice to have an identifiably male male around.  Taurus men have a way of making women feel very female.  Who can complain? 

The Taurus Woman

As the bull is a supremely masculine creature, the cow is supremely female.  Sometimes, in modern usage, cowlike is considered to mean dull, slow, boring.  But the Greeks saw the cow differently; they named the goddess of love and desire, Venus, the Cow-Eyed.  And the Egyptians also had a cow-goddess, Hathor, a symbol of the fertility of the earth and of woman.  The female Taurus is often the epitome of the instinctual feminine - the dream-image of many men, and with all the softness, strength, wisdom, patience and passion of her goddess antecedents. 

There seem to be two distinct types of Taurus woman.  The first is the real Venusian Taurus.  These are the lovely ones, with perfect complexions, surrounded by beautiful scent, dressed in sensuous, expensive clothes.  Janet Reger probably does a thriving business in glamorous pure silk, underclothes for the Taurus women of this world.  Pampered, indolent, sensuous, and very concerned both with their own attractiveness and their capacity to please a man, they owe a lot to the old temple priestesses in the days when the power of the earth goddess represented the power of life itself.  This kind of Taurus woman is the ideal feminine for men.  Her problem is that she often doesn't do much, or think much, of anything else. 

The Venus Taurean woman is devoted, and usually loyal - provided you give her security, and take care of her, and pamper her.  She will offer everything of herself, and her tenacity and faithfulness is admirable.  Sometimes it's too admirable; try to release yourself from a relationship with a Taurean woman like this, and you have to be either very callous or give up, since she'll hang on with that incredible Taurean tenacity until you give up and come back out of sheer exhaustion.  Taurus women can wait; and they often do wait, and wait, and wait, for the commitment or the promise.  As we mentioned earlier, Taurus is attracted to fire.  Many Taurus women are fascinated by the fiery types - unfortunately, the least reliable of all the men of the zodiac.  They love glamour and success and a little dash, a little fleet-of-foot unpredictability.  They themselves are willing and ready to play earth mother.  Be sure you want an earth mother.  Flirtatious at the beginning, Taurus settles into stability very easily and quickly.  The benefits of the care and love of a Taurus woman are inestimable.  If you prize your freedom, however, try another sign, like Gemini or Aquarius. 

The other type of Taurus woman is the 'natural' type.  She is still an earth-mother and her qualities of devotion, gentleness, steadfastness and strength are as much present here, perhaps more so.  But these are the women who eschew make-up, eat healthily, live in the country, despise cigarette smoke, and want to go back to the old ways of life.  If you have that secret fantasy of the cottage in the country covered with climbing roses with your own horse stabled in the field behind, and the lovely smell of fresh-baked bread wafting out from the kitchen, this kind of Taurus woman is for you.  Be careful, though, if you get fidgety easily.   If you like to travel, give her at least three months' notice.  And don't, for God's sake, change plans at the last minute. 

Taurus women are often very literal.  That is, they believe what you say, and hold you to it the next day.  If you're one of those people who change their mind a lot, be careful.  Taurus is capable at hurling at you, 'But you said you loved me.'  'But that was a year ago,' you reply.  So what?' retorts Taurus.  'You promised.'  And so

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