to mind - but very disturbing if you are a person.  Sometimes it takes some rude shocks and a few quarrels to convince a Taurus that you have your own individuality and your own private inner life.  You have to tell him.  He can't telepath, and often miss subtle signs.  And he has a hell of a time trying to disentangle motives. 

Because the gods seem to resent complacency, there is usually a bee in the flowers.  It seems to be a necessary part of the life pattern.  Often the Taurus himself courts this bee without realizing it, unconsciously setting up a situation where he is shocked while thinking it happened by chance or was someone else's fault.  But without the sting, he remains charming and childlike.  Many adult Taureans are so childlike that it's astonishing.  Life is terribly simple to them, black and white, with no shades of grey in between.  They have it all worked out, logically, systematically, and simply.  Good people are good and go to heaven; bad people are bad and go to hell.  Childlike and trusting.  What the bee offers is a capacity to take this precious childlike simplicity and combine it with a little earthly realism.  It's a lovely combination, once achieved.  For you have a person who not only knows the realities of life and can deal with them, but who can also live happily and contentedly in the moment, capable of abandoning himself to his pleasures in the wholehearted way that children have before it's pounded out of them.  Remember the goddess Venus.  She is, in many ways, the eternal child. 

The Taurus Lover

Let's deal first with the obvious.  Taurus is a very physical sign.  It's a rare Taurean that doesn't possess a strong, intense desiring nature.  Taurus is sensual, loves beauty, and can be entirely sybaritic.  This is not the sign for the ascetic, unless you want one hell of a religious fanatic instead. 

For many Taureans, the sexual side of a relationship is the thing which takes top priority.  Where there's good sex, there the Taurus remains.  It would be a mistake to assign any particular morality to Taurus; it depends on his personal viewpoint, his generation, and his private values.  If he chooses to be faithful, he's very faithful.  If he doesn't, he'll happily pursue his sensual pleasures on the side, getting enormous satisfaction from them, yet never allowing them to interfere with the stability of a marriage.  Remember that stability is really important to Taurus.  So, of course, is satisfaction.  The way to keep a Taurus in a relationship is not to play sexual games of now-you-can-have-me, now-you-can't.  He'll just find something more available. 

Taurus, being Venus-ruled, has a sense of the romantic.  It isn't stylishly romantic like Libra, or slightly dissipated like Pisces, or intense and shady like Scorpio.  It's good old storybook romanticism, because Taurus has a conventional streak.  The old-time honoured rituals and way work best.  A true Taurean keeps promises, doesn't promise unless he's sure, and isn't sure until he's checked all the facts on the situation.  No, that isn't very romantic.  But his romanticism, heavy-handed though it sometimes is, is genuine.  He really believes in engagement rings and white wedding dresses.  They're concrete representations of his feelings.  Taurus is apt to give gifts, to demonstrate emotion.  This can be both flattering and difficult, because often emotion doesn't come easily to his fixed, cautious nature. 

Because he's very conscious of stability, it's a rare Taurean that flies in and out of relationships.  He may fly in and out of sexual encounters, but 'relationship' to him has a heavy sound.  Often his sense of responsibility, coupled with his need for security, will keep him in a relationship which has long since lost its charm.  In this case he'll very likely find the charm elsewhere, so long as it doesn't rock the foundation of the secure home.  And Taurus can be maddening in his simplicity.  Relationship means you're physically present.  It's difficult to talk about deeper nuances with a Taurus.  You must be

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