references' in a bizarre sort of way, before he makes any commitment.  After all, that's the sensible, realistic thing to do.  Although he has a sentimental, gentle, romantic streak, it's backed up by healthy cynicism.  In the midst of the bouquets of roses, he might quietly have a peek at your bank balance and inquire about your family.  It's not that he expects you to provide the riches for him.  He just likes to know that everything is stable, secure and reliable.  Including you. 

Let's consider the famous sensuality of Taurus.  The true Taurean is an undeniably sensuous creature.  This means not only in the sexual realm, but in anything that pleases the senses.  Colour:  Taurus often has a real flair for design, for colour, perhaps for painting or photography.  Sound:  Taurus is well-known for its love of music, and many Taureans have become famous singers (like Barbara Streisand) or composers (like Tchaikovsky).  Touch:  this means not only responsiveness to physical touch, but a love of texture.  Silk, velvet, satin, fur.  Yes, of course, it costs money, but Taurus isn't interested in anything cheap.  Taste:  well, that can be a problem.  Love of good food leads many a Taurean into weight problems.  Lots of Taureans have a sleek well-fed look - not floppy fat, but solid flesh, the sign of the person who eats not only what tastes good but is also good quality.  Perhaps a little too much good quality.  Your Taurus friend is bound to know all the best restaurants - not the fashionable ones, necessarily (that's where the Geminis and Sagittarians go) but the really reliable ones with excellent food.  Smell:  Taureans are terribly sensitive to smell, and usually have a great affinity for luxurious scents to various kinds.  From flowers to priceless perfume, Taurus likes to surround himself with good smells.  Often the senses of the Taurus are so acute and intense that he finds it unbearable to be around anything that looks, smells, or feels sordid or cheap or ugly.  Taurus has a strong instinct for harmony. 

Taste is another quality often to be found in Taurus.  Taurus' tastes tend toward the conventional, rather than the startling; if you want shocking taste, try the fire signs, or perhaps the air signs.  Earth, being more realistic and conscious of the demands of society, tends toward things of good quality which are not likely to suddenly go out of style in six months.  Taurus is not a 'fad' person.  But within the confines of his more solid, almost bourgeois palate, his taste is usually impeccable.  Never obtrusive.  Maybe a really good car, like a Bentley or a Rolls Royce (never something as flashy and unreliable as a Lamborghini, which always has to be in the shop to be tuned).  Something reliable that speaks not fashion, but solid wealth.  Taurus has strong roots in tradition.  And often there's a love of the old and the antique - antique furniture, antique lace, antique shawls and jewelry, old masters' paintings.  Solid, ageless, valuable. 

With Taurus' love of beauty, he's bound to create an environment that has as much beauty and pleasing atmosphere as possible.  On the other hand, he's often so occupied with physical beauty that he may miss what lies underneath.  Taurus is the original sucker for a pretty face; he can value beauty so much, in objects and people, that he overlooks and underestimates qualities such as perceptiveness, wit, intelligence, and character.  It isn't that difficult to fool a Taurean if you are beautiful.  Sad to say, many Taureans are hopelessly ensnared by appearances.  It's one of their great failings. 

Taurus is also a collector.  Of objects, money, and people.  What he collects must have value to him.  He will treasure it, take care of it, shower attention on it, and hang on with both tough fists tightly encircling it.  This is why Taurus is often the partner people seek when they seek the real security of a stable, unchanging relationship.  No matter what happens or what you do, Taurus will stand by you.  He may not always understand your motives, but he'll remain loyal regardless. 

The collecting instinct of Taurus can get out of hand.  He may collect for the sake of collecting, which is fine for objects - they don't seem

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