literal, because Taurus often has trouble with inferences.  He's likely to believe what you say, and be equally blunt himself.  When you talk about things like unconscious hostility and emotional blackmail and other undercurrent stuff that a Scorpio would take like a duck to water, Taurus will often turn his head away in disgust.  What are you talking about?  Show him.  Put it in the palm of his hand.  Often he won't look at the forces building up underneath that so often wreck the best relationships, simply because his vision is tied to what is in the shop window. 

Taurus can be poignantly gentle, tender and affectionate.  Because it's a very physical sign, most Taureans need tactile expression of love.  Once again, this can either be flattering and nourishing, or it can be suffocating.  You may have heard about the famous possessiveness.  Taurus is indeed a possessive sign, though for different reasons from Scorpio, also notorious for his jealousy.  Taurus possesses, which means that like treasured paintings, the valuable antiques, the rare old books, you're
his (or hers) and that's that.  Taurus will often demonstrate this in public by physical gestures of the property-ownership variety.  It depends upon your taste.  Taurus is not the sign to get involved with if you like detachment and open relationships, not if he's in love. 

It takes a lot to goad the Taurus in anger.  The endless patience and easygoing calm in this sign are a blessing and a relief to anybody who seeks tranquility and peace in a relationship.  On the other hand, push him too far, and you have the proverbial angry bull.  And once he's angry, Taurus can be physically violent.  He's rarely subtle enough to deliver verbal bites like Virgo and Gemini, or manipulate poisonous atmosphere like Scorpio.  His language is simple:  smash the china, or punch you in the face. 

One way to observe the violence is to flaunt your freedom from him.  Once an agreement has been made, it's a sure way to anger Taurus.  Another is to threaten his material security.  Taurus women, in divorce or separation, are apt to hang on to the house, the car, the furniture and the bank account with teeth bared and fingernails poised for the attack.  Take away his possessions, his stability, and you have a very angry - and a very insecure - bull. 

For loyalty and steadfastness, no one beats a Taurus.  For calmness verging on complacency, too, no one beats a Taurus.  Like all sign combinations, matches for Taurus depend upon your personal taste.  Taurus is often attracted to fiery temperaments, who possess the daring, childlike abandon, gambling instincts, love of danger, imagination and rashness that he himself doesn't dare express.  Taurus needs fire to warm him, loosen him, show him that other dimensions of reality exist.  He needs fire for faith in life, since his own faith is largely built on what's in the bank.  He also needs fire for creative inspiration, as a muse.  And the more volatile temperaments, the gypsies and the wanderers, the visionaries and the prophets, need Taurus, because like the earth he supports and sustains, protects and cherishes, and because his strength in coping with the ordinary problems of life is endless.  And because, unlike more complicated signs, he simply wants to be happy; and happiness for him is not so difficult to find.  And his simplicity and love of the natural make it a little easier for others to find too. 

The Taurus Man

The bull is an extremely masculine animal.  Although Taurus is considered to be a feminine sign, the male version doesn't much display femininity - unless you consider as feminine the qualities of gentleness, sensuousness, and love of beauty.  But Taurus tends to run a little macho in many men - largely because it's so physical, and also because Taurus is a sign that's very sensitive to the collective roles which society offers.  So the Taurus man is apt to collect the accoutrements of what society considers masculine, from clothes to stance to his possessiveness of his woman. 

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