termed 'controversial,' matters within the pages of all seventy-eight of these Love Signs combinations, see the recommended list of books that follows this chapter, titled 'For the Pilgrim's Progress.) 

Thanks to their mystical inheritance from the Nature fish, which symbolizes the inner nature of Pisceans (as the inner nature of all twelve Sun Signs may be found within the symbol of each), those ruled by Neptune are not driven to seek self-glory aggressively.  If glory should decide on its own, so to speak, to descend upon them, they'll resign themselves to wearing its mantel, uncomfortably, at best.  The typical Piscean will never enthusiastically pursue fame.  He or she merely bears it, as another of life's many burdens.  For example, neither did Pisces actress Elizabeth Taylor
willingly pursue it (then and now), as she's the first to profess, confess, and freely admit. 

Such humbleness is a fine and spiritual thing, but as all qualities of the Sun Sign are intensified and sometimes overbalanced in all 1-1 Pattern vibrations, the double Pisces association must be careful that this normally admirable trait doesn't cause them, when they exaggerate it in Neptunian unison together, to lose all incentive for actively participating in the life stream.  The richness of their creative and other contributions is sorely needed by a jaded, glutted world. 

Whatever their other planetary positions in their birth charts may be, any two Pisceans who are brought into close contact will never fail to be aware of the amazing depth of the ESP channel between them.  In illustration of this mystical Neptune link of extrasensory perception between Pisceans, I'll share with you its manifestation between my Pisces next-door neighbour and close friend in Cripple Creek, Colorado, Ruth Cook, and her son, Mike, who's also a Pisces Sun Sign. 

When Mike was a teenager, and was sometimes late getting home at night (as youngsters are, whether they live in a tiny town, high up in the Rockies, or in a major city), because he was involved in the excitement of the various festivities of his local group of buddies, like basketball games, shooting pool, hiking, and such - Ruth worried.  Not
much, being a typical tranquil girl Fish, but she worried.  Since she and her husband, Lowell, didn't have a telephone at the time, there was no way for her to get in touch with him.  No electronic way, that is.  But between two Fish, such problems of communication are easily solved. 

Piscean Ruth merely sat down in a chair in the front room, closed her eyes, and quietly meditated, imagining her son's face and flashing him the telepathic message - "Mike, it's too late for you to be out on a school night, and I'm concerned about you.  Get yourself home right away." 

Over and over again, repeatedly it happened.  Wherever he was, whatever he was doing, her Piscean son would invariably stop talking, suddenly in the middle of a conversation with his friends, his eyes misting with a faraway look (which was more than a little odd on certain of those nights when he was maternally telepathed while he was in the Cottage Inn, chalking his cue stick, as the band was playing loudly a popular Norbie Larson tune).  Finally he would mumble, in a trancelike daze, "Satů uh, look, I need my Mom needs me for something.  I'll see you later."  Then he'd leave, rush home, open the door, and he and his mother would exchange a deep, knowing Neptune smile, as she said softly, "Well, it's about time you got here." 

This bit of Pisces magic always worked within five minutes, or less, between them.  Now that Mike is married and lives in Denver, it takes a little longer for Ruth to telegram him to phone her - like maybe ten minutes or so.  The Fish save lots of money that way, on their telephone bills.  And it's faster than Western Union, certainly swifter than the mail delivery of the present-day U.S. Postal Service. 

It should be noted that all is not sweetness and serenity between two people ruled by Neptune.  If one has a conflicting Moon Sign, like Gemini or Sag, a gulf can develop, which is not so easily bridged.  Such Luminary unharmony between their mutual Suns and Moons can cause

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