grateful for such blessings, lest even these be denied us. 

The alleged instances of Jesus, who ushered in the Piscean Age or the Fish, partaking in the eating of flesh, including the flesh of fish, is nothing short of blasphemy upon his actual teachings of love and
life.  The false stories spread by the gospel 'correctors' down through the centuries have too-long profaned the message of the simple carpenter.  Certainly the ethics of the Galilean were not less righteous and compassionate than those of his fellow Essenes, the very ones who 'prepared him for his mission' (whose own written records have not been so tampered with and profaned), who clearly both respected and practised astrology - and sternly opposed the sacrifice and eating of the lamb, as well as fish, and all flesh. 

There was no blood spilled in Eden.  It was only later that man became a flesh eater - "and the fear of him, and the dread of him was upon every living thing, even the fish in the sea."  And the fear of
her.  The women flesh eaters.  The ringing truth may be heard echoed today by the faint, sad voices of the whales, dolphins, and baby seals, foxes, and deer… if one listens with the Neptune-guided heart.  The carpenter came (and shall again, unsuspectedly soon) to teach us how to regain our lost manhood and womanhood, how to return to that Golden Age when… "there shall be no more harm or hurt upon my holy mountain"… and this time, he will once more, quietly… and perhaps as before, nearly unnoticed, try again to bring about, in the new Golden Aquarian Age the realization of "Thy will be done of Earth, even as it is in Heaven." 

A rather simple rule of truth and kindness, for those Pisceans who would follow the true teachings of the carpenter, not the distortions of his message, and therefore be gratefully recognized by him
this time, is:  avoid eating the flesh of your animal brothers and sisters, who bear their own young - or any creature who has eyes with which to look back at you.  As noted by the clear-eyed, clear-minded, New Age apostle, Upton Ewing, a return to a condition of Life before the first blood was left in Eden, when men and women, and all living creatures, lived in peace upon the fruits of the soil - would truly be proclaiming an acceptable year of the Lord. 

I don't know whether or not the foregoing true-to-the-Pisces-Sun-Sign Essence dissertation has in some way planted seeds for someday soon easing the sad Karma of the Pisces symbol of the Fish and all manner of creatures who live in our seas - although one hopes it may shed a small ray of light.  But I do know that it's undoubtedly, destined to cause annoyance to a lot of fishermen, some of whom are very close relatives, others who are dear friends of mine, and sincerely wonderful human beings.  I'm genuinely sorry about that.  But this is not a book which intends to tread softly for fear of offending.  In view of the greatly increasing wholesale slaughter of our animal friends in the woods, the seas, and the air - and through the torture and horrors of vivisection - there is no longer time for politeness.  It's time to face the facts of the degenerations of compassion, on all levels. 

If Man and Woman do not soon heed the music of their own souls, and turn their eyes toward the remembered Light of Eden, there will be a time on Earth when all music shall be stilled in wells of absolute silence, and there shall be nothing to see but total darkness.  The shadows are lengthening, and such a time is drawing so near - it must now be measured by the year, instead of by the century.  This is the hour of self-honesty, and the facing of truth, not evasion… a time for uplifting, not further sinking into shadows, deepened by cruelty.  Killers are killers, whether, in their present stage of awareness, they comprehend that they are or are not - and calling themselves 'sportsmen' doesn't change Universal Law. 

Sometimes truth may be whispered gently, sometimes it needs to be stated in a more thunderous manner.  But it may never be suppressed.  It's against the nature of truth to suffer suppression forever, especially not by a 'sacrificial Ram' in writing about the 'persecuted Fish.'  (For more detailed information concerning all of the various, what might be

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