them to get caught in the cross-currents, and chill each other occasionally with silent accusation (the worst kind), sullen detachment, or deceptive answers.  But when the Moon of either is deposited in a sign of the Water Element or the Earth Element, the harmony of their relationship will usually be marked and extraordinary… as well as their mutual mental telepathy. 

Both Fish understand the crosses Neptune people are called upon to bear, like the unjust attitudes of people not similarly motivated, who are overly anxious to accuse the Fish of being sneaky, or lying.  This occurs because of the sometimes extreme contrast between the idealistic and altruistic motives of Pisces - and the devious and detoured routes they occasionally follow to achieve a desired goal.  Not all, but many Piscean people are guilty of the frustrating habit of avoiding total truth, to a lesser or larger extent, but the underlying reason is the same which lies behind all Pisces attitudes and actions - to avoid outright abrasive confrontation, which would serve no purpose and only wound unnecessarily. 

The Fish shrink from stormy emotional scenes and ugly personal vendettas.  They'd rather lie by omission than hurt - or be hurt.  Yet one Piscean will normally be more likely to level with another Fish than with any of the other Sun Signs, probably because they realize the futility of trying to fool each other.  Consequently, two Fish will often speak the whole truth, no matter how unpleasant it may be, when the discussion is between them alone.  They can trust one another, you see, not to cause a loud, abrasive, ugly scene. 

For all their virtues of humility, patience, and unselfishness, two Pisceans aren't unduly demonstrative in displaying their respect, regard, or affection for each other.  Understanding and sympathy may flow freely between them, but it isn't always expressed in visible, tangible ways, so they'll both have to work on this 'cold fish' quality they each project and readily recognize in one another - but seldom in themselves. 

There's a beautiful part of the Pisces nature two Fish can magnify when they're together, to the benefit of both themselves and all the rest of us, who so need their calm tranquility and compassionate, listening ear.  They possess the rare grace to accept negative or upsetting people and situations - including their own mutual problems - with a kind of gentle resignation.  They both comprehend that their human weaknesses (and those of others) are always entwined, somehow, with good intent - and Neptune softly whispers to them that resisting evil only gives it more strength.  The Pisces ability to shrug complacently when things go wrong, refuse to make mountains out of molehills, stir up a storm in a teakettle, or cut down a beanstalk for no reason… leaving poor Jack to fall to the ground with a thud… is such a lovely thing.  So, there's a giant at the top of the beanstalk.  So what?  A giant has no power over 'four' Fish who can, the two of them together, abracadabra him into a docile creature who will invite him to his castle to listen to him play and sing jolly giant songs. 

That's the Piscean formula for magic.  Love and mercy.  It works every time - and how much more so when the Fish splash it on one another, along with a few sprinkles of the marvelous Neptune humour that allows typical Fish to laugh at themselves, without the burden of false pride restricting their merriment.  That's a talent few possess, which constitutes part of the great golden treasure of those who may
appear to be 'last with the least' - but who were born wealthy with wisdom, and generously endowed with the fabulous riches of inner serendipity.  King Midas himself should have been so lucky! 

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