comprehend each other's secrets and elusive personalities - they also possess an instinctive sympathy for one another's woes and sorrows.  It's rare for two Fish to meet and not almost immediately sense this empathy, never mind the other planetary positions in their birth charts.  All 1-1 associations feel the same mutual familiarity, but none of them sense it so quickly and so deeply as Pisces and Pisces (with the possible exception of a couple of Scorps). 

These two gravitate toward each other naturally and smoothly.  Often, they'll meet at the seaside, or over a drink, whether it's a glass of Perrier water, or something stronger.  They can, of course, also meet in a concert hall, in the park, in a hospital, newspaper office, the theatre, a convent, a monastery, or a science lab… involved in any sort of occupation or career that allows Pisces to provide some kind of creative 'service' to others (if only to entertain them) with minimum authority required - and maximum freedom permitted. 

Pisceans are ordinarily outwardly gentle, soft-spoken, and accommodating.  They're not perfect, they have their naughty moments but the Fish aren't usually inclined to make a major issue out of a minor slight.  They bear their troubles rather lightly and casually, and when the burden becomes too heavy, the Fish are more apt to simply drop the problem and walk away from it than to struggle in futile fashion, fighting fate - or what they view as the inevitable. 

To illustrate the quality of accommodation, which is so ingrained in the Neptune nature, check the table of contents in this book.  You'll notice that all the other Sun Signs are listed in columns of gradually diminishing length.  Since Pisces is the last sign covered in the compatibility analysis of each of the previous associations, by the time I reach the
Pisces compatibilities (while blocking out titles), it was clear that it could contain only one chapter - that of 'Pisces-Pisces' - all other Pisces relationships having already been discussed at the end of each of the other eleven Sun Sign sections preceding the Piscean one.  Not wanting to slight any Neptune readers, I tried several variations of format, to rectify this seeming ill-treatment of the poor Fish.  But each change I tried was confusing in relation to all twelve Sun Signs.  Finally, I decided to leave matters in their natural astrological order, realizing it wouldn't make a particle of difference to Pisceans.  Your average gentle Pisces soul expects to be last, to have least, to end up with the smallest piece of fudge cake, and to be the one head in the crowd most favoured by a low-flying flock of pigeons.  Believe me, Pisces folk might be nervous if they saw an entire section of twelve chapters devoted exclusively to them. 

The Fish will feel more secure when they discover themselves hiding, as usual, in among the other Sun Signs, making their own individual compatibility associations with other signs difficult for the rest of the readers to find.  They like it that way.  All heir friends will have trouble locating them and learning how they get along with people, isn't that right, Pisces?  But you'll know where to look for yourselves, even though you may be overlooked by everyone else.  (Aren't you always?)  It doesn't ruffle your calm to be 'last, with the least' instead of 'first, with the most' - because you remember the Biblical warning that "he who is first shall be last and he who is last shall be first."  (To be fair to women's lib, we'd best say he-she who is first shall be last, and she-he who is last shall be first.")  And what was that other Pisces promo in the New Testament?  "Blessed are the meek; for they shall inherit the earth"?  Poor Neptune souls.  If they ever did inherit the Earth, the inheritance taxes would probably shrink it so they'd be left with only the Bronx - and maybe a small slice of Siberia. 

There's this medium-famous Pisces rock singer from Indiana (I won't embarrass him by using his name, he has enough problems), but during his very first television appearance, after the big build-up by the announcer and cheers from the studio audience, he began to play and sing his hit record - and after just two bars, he dropped his guitar pick down inside the hole in the instrument.  Fortunately, the show was taped.  That sort of thing frequently happens to the Fish. 

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