Pisces men, women, and children are always being overlooked by friends, neighbours, relatives, and business associates - sometimes even by their own lovers or mates.  But you needn't feel sorry for them, truly.  Actually, they prefer to enjoy the passing scene around them while being unobserved themselves.  Pisces is deliberately unobtrusive. These two aren't in the habit of carrying large banners, spelling out HERE I AM! in bright red and yellow letterings (they hate wearing name tags at conventions), and so, a couple of Fish can easily pass, almost completely unnoticed, in a crowded room - unless, of course, one of them should happen to become tipsy from too much tequila and knock over the aquarium or the potted ferns, which would cause the unfortunate Fish to blush, and suffer acute shame, not because of being tipsy or clumsy, but because of attracting so much unwelcome attention.  There are a fair number of Pisceans who are in the public eye, through their choice of profession, but they never really enjoy it, and I never knew a Fish who complained about not being in the public eye.  You must always think of the symbol of the sign, in the case of Pisces, the Nature fish.  Would you say that trout, salmon, or any other kind of fish are apt to leap up out of the water, just to be noticed? 

It's no wonder they hide, with all those fishermen out to hook them painfully in the mouth, then leave them to die slowly in a basket, gasping for breath, telling you that it doesn't matter, because the fish is a 'cold-blooded' animal.  Anyone who's watched a fish thrashing about in agony wonders at the kind of intellect that claims this creature feels no pain or terror.  The cold-blooded animal is the fisherman, though he may have no deliberate intention of unkindness.  Not every nervous system in nature is identical, but the will to live is equal in all, through a kind of consciousness unknown to humans - yet as to its level of awareness, perhaps very akin, who knows?  Certainly not insensitive scientists, hunters or fishermen. 

Since Pisces, along with Scorpio and Sagittarius, is astrologically inseparably linked to 'religion' (or more accurately, to spiritual truth), this Pisces-Pisces chapter of
Love Signs is an appropriate place to remind the reader that Jesus was not, as some people falsely believe, a fisherman.  Jesus, like his father, Joseph, was a carpenter by trade.  In fact, not fiction, he drew most of his disciples away from their occupation of fishing, promising to make them instead, 'fishers of men' (and of women too, of course, but the Bible is full of male chauvinism).  The Nazarene was not by any means a chauvinist, but he had no control over those who wrote about him (especially not those who tampered with the various accounts of his ministry in later centuries).  As supported by both the protests of the prophets - and the more recently discovered and translated Dead Sea Scrolls - Jesus was not only well-versed in astrology, but he said:  "Seek not the law in your scriptures, for law is life, whereas the scripture is dead.  I tell you truly, Moses received not his laws from God in writing, but through the living word." 

Also contained within little-known New Testament manuscripts which exist in the library of the Vatican, in Rome, are some texts dating from early Christian centuries, containing writings which refer to otherwise inaccessible words of Jesus, such as:  "For I tell you truly, from one mother proceeds all that lives upon the earth.  Therefore, who kills, kills his brother.  And from him will the Earthly Mother turn away, and will pluck him form her quickening breasts… kill not, neither eat the flesh of your prey… for that is the path of suffering, and it leads to death.  But do the will of God, that His angels may serve you on the way of
life.  Obey, therefore, the words of God.  Behold!  I have given you every herb bearing seed in which is the fruit of a tree, yielding seed; to you it shall be for meat." 

One wonders at all the great truth and wisdom contained within the Vatican library, yet not spread through the multitudes who spiritually hunger and thirst for it.  But one must be grateful, at least, for the access to truth permitted searching scholars.  In this respect, the Catholic Church deserves a bright, shiny, gold star.  It seems a non sequitur to teach falsehood (interspersed with truth) while at the same time allowing suppressed truth to be researched.  Yet, let us not question, but rather be

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