She can be temperamental. 

The Scorpio woman needs an arena where she can release the fighting qualities of Mars.  Releasing them in a relationship isn't always very pleasant, and she does need to have a good fight on occasions.  The warrior quality of the sign tends to take to causes, and to other people's fights; the Scorpio woman may often be seen championing the weak or the abused, whether it's in a political arena or a medical or psychological one.  But she does need a theatre to work in; and because she thrives on crisis, she needs space to promote them, to accomplish her thirst for transformation and change.  Otherwise, guess who bears the brunt of it.  Scorpio doesn't like things placid for too long; she mistrusts too much contentment.  She's always looking for the worm in the apple, and if things are quiet for too long she'll begin to suspect something's going on underneath.  Then she'll upend the whole apple cart, and start a quarrel or a scene, or provoke you into one, in order to find the worm.  Never mind.  When it turns out that there isn't any worm after all, she's not the least bit chagrined.  She accomplished what she was really after:  a change in the relationship, a deeper look, a new expression of emotion.  She'd rather have you furious than bland and uninvolved. 

The airy signs find her fascinating but a torment, because she seems to contain all those depths they're so fascinated by but terrified of; and she pulls them into their emotions, which is the most difficult place in the world for the element of air to be.  The other watery signs generally understand her, but they too are likely to be afraid of the probing eye that sees too much.  Earth, stolid and realistic, often doesn't understand her; earthy people may love her depth and shrewdness, but miss the fundamental point, and suddenly find themselves upheaved and staring at a reality they didn't know existed.  And fire responds to her innate theatricality, but often flies into really dramatic scenes and conflagrations.  No other sign can really subdue or tame the Scorpio; all you can do is decide whether this is someone you can understand and love, and if so, then go along for the ride, because it's bound to take you into some pretty strange quarters.  One thing it will never be shallow or boring. 

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