terribly sensitive.  That mask of nonchalant nonreaction is a mask.  Remember that.  No Scorpio will advertise the fact that he is hurt or feeling neglected.  You have to train as a telepath.  But remember that this is a watery, feminine, vulnerable sign.  Feminine, you ask?  How could this creature be feminine?  But there is a curious paradox about Scorpio.  The opposite sexual element is very strong in people of both sexes.  The moodiness, emotionalism, eroticism, and subjectivity are typical sides of the female face of Scorpio.  So is the possessiveness.  Many Scorpio men are acutely embarrassed by the presence of so much emotion in themselves.  That's when they become the hard-driving, ruthless, ambitious Scorpios of the textbooks.  But think of what it took to get them that way.  Can you unbend them?  Maybe, maybe not.  Probably in the end, it rests with the Scorpio himself. 

This is not an easy man to live with.  For one thing, you won't get straight answers if you ask pertinent questions like, 'Do you love me?'  On the other hand, you'll get brutal scrapings of the bottom of the barrel when you least want it - like a vicious hour-long analysis of your motives in flirting with Mr AQ at the party, and why it stems from your sexual inadequacies and your rejection by your father.  He can cut deep when he wants, and then honesty precludes compassion.  That's the straight answer you don't want to hear - especially when he's got destructive, and decides he's going to hit back at you for some hurt you've inflicted on him without your even realizing it.  Tell you that you hurt his feelings?  Not likely.  And often he won't apologize either.  To live with this man, you must understand him; and to truly understand him, you must like him.  Yes, I mean like him.  And respect him - what he's made of, what drives him, what his loneliness means, what the depth of feeling does to him in a society which requires men to be detached, what his sensitivity means in a world which does not value it.  If you can't like him, then leave him alone; for you'll never, never change him.  Only a Scorpio can change himself.  And very likely, if you ask, he'll do the opposite. 

If you are the type who minds having to acquiesce - or give the impression of it - then stay away.  This man is not for independent women of the more vociferous kind.  On the other hand he respects strength; and if you make allowance for his pride, which won't permit him to admit a wrong or lose a battle, no lover is more devoted, compassionate, insightful or gentle.  Show your pain to a Scorpio and they will do anything for you.  Show your arrogance, treat them with shallowness, attack them, and you have no chance of receiving anything at all - except their unpleasantness, which can be pretty unpleasant.  And don't trifle.  A Scorpio who thinks he's being mocked can be the most difficult person in the world.  His pride will not allow it. 

What about jealousy?  Well, let's be realistic.  It's not going to go away.  Nor is his feeling that he has the prerogative - for flirtation, for affairs, for whatever he feels he wants - while you don't since you're his.  If you must have other relationships, be extremely clever and extremely discreet.  Otherwise you're in for a hellish time; for it is difficult for this man to forgive a betrayal.  It's the worst thing you can do to him.  The best is to believe in him - and to side with him when he's going through one of his the-world-doesn't-understand-me phases.  Scorpio trusts few people because few people trust him.  This begins in childhood, for he is never truly a child - yet is treated like one, often far beyond a reasonable point. 

The Scorpio Woman

There are two keywords you should remember about the Scorpio woman:  depth - meaning that hers is a subtle, complex, and never obvious temperament, and will - meaning that this woman is not about to bow her head to anyone or anything, unless it's temporarily necessary to achieve an end.  You might also keep in mind other Scorpio qualities:  the famous possessiveness, intensity, pride, loyalty.  No Scorpio is either easy to understand, or easy to live with; but then, if you wanted something light and frothy and unobtrusive, you'd be with someone else, wouldn't you? 

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