look at it.  The Scorpio woman's feelings run deep and intense, and she doesn't like them to be taken lightly.  She's hurt easily because of this intensity and sensitivity, although she can't really be hurt by people in general - only those few she really cares about.  Scorpio is extremely selective in love and friendship.  Everybody else can go to hell.  She isn't intimidated by either public disapproval or snide comments or gossip behind her back.  Only from those people who she loves and respects can a criticism or a rejection wound.  But then it really wounds.  And whether you argue philosophically about the rightness or wrongness of it, that's her stance.  Injure her and she'll injure you back, if at all possible.  Unless, of course, you did it accidentally.  Then she'll forget about it immediately, because that isn't the same thing. 

Scorpio has a long memory for both good and ill.  Help her, show her encouragement, and she'll always remember it.  Betray her and she'll never trust again.  In fact, very likely she doesn't really trust you in the first place, or anybody for that matter, because her sensitive and virtually psychic perception of human character tells her that nobody, is really a saint.  She's always on her guard, against life and against the shadowy side of others, and against the more convoluted fears and desires in herself.  It takes a long time before Scorpio settles into a relationship.  She may seem to.  But she'll watch for a long time to make sure that you're what you say you are. 

Of what use, you may well ask, is this kind of hypersensitivity?  Why not just go out and enjoy life and take the bitter with the sweet?  Fine if you're a Sagittarian or a Gemini, but not if you're a Scorpio.  And the use of it - if 'use' is the word we want - is that spending any time with a Scorpio teaches you to be more aware.  Aware of yourself, aware of your motives, aware of your own needs, aware of what drives others, aware of the whole invisible realm of the psyche which we ordinarily, in our extroverted blundering western culture, overlook.  Why be aware?  Well, if you aren't, then you get nasty things happening - like inadvertently being hurtful and destructive to other people and yourself, and on a broader, collective level, being destructive to all cultural groups and societies.  If we all had Scorpio's insight, we very likely wouldn't have much in the way of human cruelty, because we'd catch it first in ourselves. 

But for this kind of depth the Scorpio woman pays a price; and the price is that it's hard for her to be frivolous and carefree.  Here she needs the help of a partner, and a lot of tenderness and understanding.  She'll always have secrets; all Scorpios do.  But to watch Scorpio come out of its tangled brooding into a little sunshine is a lovely thing to watch, because then the real warmth and generosity of the element of water is available to other people. 

There was that other word, will.  It's wise to remember, in dealings with Scorpios of either sex, that you ask, rather than order.  This is important to remember if you have a Scorpio child; if you have a Scorpio employee; and if you have a Scorpio woman as well, because (a gentle reminder) the two planetary rulers of Scorpio are Pluto, lord of the underworld, and Mars, god of war. 

Not that Scorpio isn't a feminine sign.  Remember Mata Hari?  She was a classic Scorpio.  There's a mysterious and often fascinating quality about Scorpio women; they often exude a sensuality and a thinly veiled and lightly controlled passion which can be intensely magnetic.  They also often inspire fear and mistrust, because you're never quite sure what's going on behind those eyes.  But those two powerful planetary rulers point out that, along with the intensely female quality of the sign, there's also a lot of fire and a lot of courage and a lot of pride.  Don't try to crush the pride.  You'll get almightily stung if you do.  Scorpio demands respect, and this applies to the Scorpio woman as well as the Scorpio man.  She's a person unto herself, not anybody's mate, servant, or property.  If allowed to offer herself freely, she's capable of devoting her life.  But if you demand or take for granted, you'll meet either with a cold, frosty glare and a deliberate reverse of what you ask for, or you'll suddenly get a screaming, ranting Valkyrie running at you with a spear. 

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