wallet.  Both Scorpio men and women do this.  Yet this primitive attitude of 'You're mine and that's that' can be immensely flattering.  Scorpio is said - particularly by air signs - to be too 'heavy'.  But that kind of heaviness is a matter of taste.  Whatever else is going, you know the relationship is terribly important to Scorpio.  The job, the in-laws, the boys at the club don't come first.  And there's a great deal to be said for someone who considers a relationship something current and important, rather than something which can be placed on the shelf while he gets on with something else. 

There are a lot of current opinions and definitions of jealousy.  From
Cosmopolitan magazine to erudite psychology books, jealousy is one of the most perplexing and ever-present of human emotions.  Some people believe that jealousy is a natural accompaniment to life, the sour with the sweet.  Others think it's pathological, a sign of insecurity.  Others believe it has something to do with older standards of morality.  Still others believe that it's morally wrong, and not part of the idealized state of self-abnegating love which says, 'Whatever makes you happy makes me happy.' 

You won't hear a Scorpio mouthing that sort of drivel.  More likely he'll tell you.  'Whatever makes you happy without me, you'll pay for.'  Jealousy is undoubtedly, in some people, a symptom of deep insecurity and mistrust.  Like the beautiful model who once came to me for a horoscope, who was certain her boyfriend fancied everybody else because she didn't think she was worth anything at all.  Possessiveness, in some degree, on the other hand, is pretty natural.  No one likes to lose what they have become attached to.  To Scorpio, possessiveness is as natural as breathing.  His feelings are intense.  They don't let go easily.  It's simply how he's built.  Unless a Scorpio has deliberately hardened his feelings because of fear of involvement, you won't find many Scorpio swingers.  If you do find one, you can be pretty sure they are running away from their own deep capacity for love, for fear it will hurt. 

Double standards are often part of Scorpio's game - male or female.  What's good for him, he won't tolerate in you.  Many Scorpios believe - with all the emotional fixity of which they are capable - that they have the prerogative to flirt, or have affairs - but not you.  'It's different,' they say blithely.  And it's not male chauvinism either; I've heard this from Scorpio women as well.  If you want equal standards, you have to train your Scorpio.  This means wearing armour, helmet, arquebus, and lance.  It also means being prepared for some god-awful rows, many tears, some rather spicy words, and quite a few hurts - with only the chance of eventually understanding.  Otherwise, accept the
status quo.  Is it worth it?  I once knew a woman married to a Scorpio man who had to put up with all of it - the jealousy, the double standards, the little barbs, the moodiness, the works.  I asked her why she stayed with him.  She replied, 'Because he's exceptional.  He's himself.  He's also true to himself.  Of course he's a bastard sometimes.  But he's an individual.  I respect that.'  There you have it.  For many people, complain as you like, Scorpio's fierce individuality can only inspire respect - and often love. 

No one experiences a relationship with a Scorpio without changing.  They come out of it more self-aware, sometimes a little scarred, but looking at life a lot more deeply.  Don't expect fair play and sweetness and light.  Remember Milton's Lucifer - better to reign in hell than serve in heaven.  But it is said, by some very wise people over many ages, that life is made up of light and dark both, and that only the fool believes it to be otherwise.  And Scorpio is no fool. 

The Scorpio Man

Let's strip the glamour and see what's underneath.  Remember that this is a water sign.  For all its great strength and courage, the emotional needs of the Scorpio man are much similar to those of the emotional needs of the Piscean and Cancerian.  Affection, acceptance, reassurance, love, companionship, in large quantities.  Undiluted by criticism.  As a water sign, Scorpio cannot bear coldness.  They are

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