all.  It was an awful lot of work moving into the new house, and getting the kids ready for their new school. 
FRIEND:  But last time I saw you, I thought you said you didn't like that house.  You weren't going to take it. 
AQUARIAN:  Well, it's much more convenient for John's work.  It only takes him twenty-minutes.  With the other place, it would have been an hour and a half commuting. 
FRIEND:  But what about you?  You said you hated the neighbourhood, and the shops aren't very nice, andů.
AQUARIAN:  Oh, I was just being silly.  Selfish, you know.  I'm terribly selfish like that.  I should never have gone on like that.  John always Comes First.  After all, where would I be if I always thought of myself?  My mother always told me never to be Selfish, it's the worst thing you can do.  A Good Mother always thinks of her husband and children first.  No, the house is just right for John. 

This is very noble.  Truly good.  But our Aquarian, if you see her a few years later, is liable to be a little messed up.  She might be on Librium, to keep her nerves from acting up.  She might have high blood pressure, or have developed a few nervous habits like a tic, or compulsive cleaning.  All that natural aggression has been submerged.  And when you track her into old age, she's had to become incredibly rigid to keep all that stuff repressed for so many years.  She's gone cold by then.  That's when Aquarian goes fanatic.  When years and years of being Unselfish and adhering to Right Behaviour have made a dog's breakfast of heir spontaneity and love of life. 

Aquarians often has a wonderful gift for logic.  He can discuss things reasonably, rationally, and often brilliantly.  So when you challenge him - or present an emotional grievance - he has it all sorted out to begin with.  He can work it out rationally, analytically.  He's got all the answers.  He has a gift for analysis of human temperament - many Aquarians reach prominence in the psychological field - so he can tell you exactly what your motives are, why you said this, why you said that, and what the solution is to the problem.  It's so neat and pat it makes you swoon with admiration.  The trouble is, there's no room for any emotion in it.  I've had discussions with psychologically 'aware' Aquarians who have taken an interest in the whole realm of the human psyche.  They can list their complexes, use all the latest jargon, draw the latest psychological maps.  The human being like an airplane or an automobile or a well-constructed society, operates on certain basic principles.  There isn't any room for chance, or fuzzy edges.  Emotion has fuzzy edges.  People to Aquarians are mechanisms - wonderful, divine mechanisms, but nonetheless mechanisms.  And that well-read Aquarian who knows all the latest about the psyche, while he can discuss it with brilliance, often doesn't know anything about himself at all.  It's because he doesn't know what he feels, what he thinks he ought to feel, what he thinks he should and shouldn't feel, and he thinks you can think about what he thinks he feels.  Confused?  You should see the Aquarian in the midst of all that.  Simple phrases, like 'I love you' or 'I hate you' or 'I'm bloody angry with you' are very difficult for him. 

The fact is, Aquarians have very deep and complex emotional natures.  It isn't that they have no feelings.  It's that they are often frightened of their feelings.  Aquarius is a true air sign.  What can be understood by the mind is safe, because you can reason it out.  What can't be understood is often relegated to the realm of the 'imaginary' or the 'emotional', dreaded or simply reasoned out of existence.  Is there room for any romance in this formidable temperament?  Yes, but it's usually unconscious.  Aquarius is often very embarrassed and awkward - you might even see him blush - when the subject turns to romantic matters.  This is the fellow who, out of sheer embarrassment, will neglect to give his woman flowers during twenty years of marriage.  He often can't understand the need for flattery, compliments, sentimental displays of affection.  Everything has to have a reason.  He may love deeply - but he won't show it very often,

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