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From the book "Astrology for Lovers," written by Liz Green.


When the moon is in the seventh house
and Jupiter aligned with Mars,
then peace will rule the planets
and love will rule the stars.
This is the dawning of the Age of Aquarius...

These lines from a song in the rock musical Hair which became a hit while Flower Power reigned in America during the late 1960's, and which has just - perhaps a little anachronistically - been released as a film in the late 1970's.  For a while everyone was talking about the Age of Aquarius as a kind of New Dispensation, a time when wars would cease and everybody would love everybody else and the New Utopia would arrive, seen through a haze of marijuana smoke and acid rainbows. 

Now, a decade later, people are still talking about the Age of Aquarius, but with a certain unease.  It appears to consist now of things like terrorism, revolution of Iran, Arab-Israeli conflict, a diminishing supply of fuel for the world, and general malaise.  Did the Age of Aquarius fall flat on its face?  Did it ever arrive?  And is Aquarius really about love, brotherhood and Flower Power? 

Well, yes, in part Aquarius is about love and brotherhood.  Or perhaps, we should say, with more accuracy, that it is about ideals - and the ideals of love and brotherhood are among many which are formulated in the forward-looking Aquarian mind.  Particularly ideals about the group, the welfare of humanity, the future of society. 

Aquarius is also, broadly, about science, and knowledge, and invention, and discoveries which will improve the lot of men in the generations to come.  Fraternité, egalité, liberté - the cry of the French Revolution - is in many ways an Aquarian cri de couer.  The noblest of human visions are spun from this last of the airy signs, which in its most profound meaning symbolizes the genius of human invention extended to its fullest limits, applied to the control of nature by the will of man and the structuring of humanity into a civilized society. 

So what happened to the age of love and brotherhood?  The same thing that happens to many Aquarians.  The ideal was ahead of its time, as the ideals of many Aquarians all too frequently are.  The ideal hit a head-on collision with the reality of human nature, which can't really be explained and governed by ideals alone.  Without the ideal, no progress of any kind could take place.  Yet the anchoring of an ideal takes time, and flexibility, and a sensitivity to the limitations of human nature.  Aquarius is not overly gifted in any of these three things.  He is usually impatient, and wants to see the ideal made flesh right this minute.  He is not very flexible, although a great lover of




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