truth.  And he has very little understanding of, or patience with, the seamier side of human nature. 

You can see here the dilemma, the gift and the curse of the Aquarian.  His symbol is the Waterbearer.  Notice carefully that the Waterbearer carries his jug to offer the water of life to humanity - but doesn't get his own hands wet.  As an air sign, Aquarius finds his reality in his ideals.  Because he is concerned with issues that pertain to the group rather than the individual, you can see the traditional Aquarian link with welfare and human rights.  Fields like social work and education and politics are natural for the forward-looking Aquarian who wants to set the world to rights.  It's truly the sign of liberty, democracy, and human equality.  And Aquarius, as far as his ideals are concerned, is usually truly democratic.  One of his nicest qualities is his sense of fairness and integrity.  He has a pretty finely honed conscience, which is often so sensitive that it makes his life unbearable.  He often has a horror of being what he calls 'selfish', which is very noble but not very psychologically healthy.  Regardless of his personal likes and dislikes, his dedication to his beliefs is unshakeable.  And this dedication is often to the objective perspective, the broad canvas, a code of ethics or principles by which he believes he should live.  And, of course, he is often dedicated to Truth.  Yes, it's capitalized, that word Truth.  For Aquarius, there is generally only one Truth. 

Never mind whether he hates you bitterly.  Fair is fair.  Aquarius will still deal with you with integrity, because, vile that you are, you're still a human being, and all human beings have certain innate basic rights.  Sometimes you'd wish he'd show a little honest unfairness.  But no.  Fair is fair. 

Look at some of the famous Aquarian figures of the past.  Abraham Lincoln is one of the best known.  Of course it would be an Aquarian who declared equality between black and white in an age of slavery, and abolished slavery with the result of the American Civil War.  He was shot for his pains.  Many Aquarians suffer the retaliation of the more conservative elements of society for their contributions, which are frequently suspected.  You will also see among the distinguished Aquarian names figures like Thomas Edison - great thinkers and inventors whose discoveries are not intended for personal satisfaction or gain, but for the benefit of the human race.  Their dedication is absolute; try to find out anything about their personal lives and you're astonished to discover that they seem to have no personal lives.  All their energy and ability is taken up with the dedication to the goal, the ideal. 

The list of noble, courageous, dedicated idealists is a very long when it comes to Aquarius.  So is the list of scientists and philosophers.  Can we say anything at all bad about this sign?

Of course we can.  For as we near the end of the zodiac, the signs become increasingly complex.  Their extremes become more and more extreme.  But the time we get to Aquarius and Pisces, you are dealing with an enormous spectrum of human abilities and foibles.  There is an element to Aquarius which can only be described as intellectual bigotry.  That courageous fixity of ideals can become stubborn fanaticism - the rigidly rational scientist with no heart, who is a caricature in this modern age.  This is a fellow who invents a new weapon because it's scientifically interesting and immensely effective, without the wit to realize that people don't possess the psychological maturity to handle such a thing with any responsibility.  A little closer to home, this is the fellow who doesn't worry about the few people who might be harmed by a faulty nuclear reactor - or who disguises the actual percentage of radioactivity in the atmosphere - because, well, those are only a few little people, and they don't really have anything to do with grand things like Our Country's Defence and Power. 

Also in the shadier reaches of Aquarius are to be found the rampant communist who believes in a utopian state where all wealth is leveled and all people equal - without regard to the fact that people are fundamentally different and are emotionally incapable of coping with

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