dieticians to psychologists and counselors, is very much an aspect of the Great Mother archetype which is connected with the sign. 

The thing is, you often have to find it behind the high-strung nervous system, the edginess, the need for solitude, the apparent coolness and detachment.  It's hard for a Virgo woman to be spontaneous.  Often she can only show love and affection by doing physical things for you.  The situation applies here as to the Virgo male:  emotion and passion are disturbing and frightening, and can only be expressed in an atmosphere of complete trust.  Break that trust and you'll get the sarcastic, cutting edge of the Virgo tongue, which can be really vicious because she's been observing with minute care all the weaknesses and foibles which you didn't think anybody noticed.  Virgo women have a disconcerting habit of noticing the carefully hidden frayed cuff, the razor nick, the scuffed shoe, the word-slip, the nervous twitch you thought you were controlling.  They observe minute things because for Virgo the vast spectrum of life is best reflected in the small.  For the Virgo woman, the great art is the art of the small. 

It may be appropriate to remind you again of those Virgos who are anything but tight-lipped spinstership shrews:  the Greta Garbos and Sophia Lorens and Jacqueline Bissetts of the world.  But you can see a thread which runs through these women as well as every other Virgo woman, from Lauren Bacall (another Virgo) to Twiggy.  Notice the attention given to skill.  Whatever Virgo does, it does well, and Virgo women are no exception.  These are skilled actresses, with polish and impeccable performance.  Whether cooking or sculpting or teaching or whatever, Virgo women take pride in their skill.  Appreciate it and you'll earn her warmth.  Ignore it or undervalue it, and you've made a ghastly mistake.  And if you're one of those men who doesn't think it's appropriate for a woman to be skilled in anything except pleasing a man, you're courting real trouble with a Virgo woman.  Curiously, Virgo needs lots of respect - a need which isn't always evident in the other signs, which are less likely to identify with their skills.  Also notice the quality of cool self-containment about these women.  Married or not, they all radiate some mysterious aloofness which is not so much a 'keep out' sign as a 'welcome, but respect my separateness'.  It's evident even in the heat of sexual passion or intense emotion with Virgo.  Self-contained.  If you can learn to deal with the shadowy side, the know-it-all quality, the occasional fits of ordering and tidying either the environment or you, then you can reach the other side of Virgo.  Isn't it nice to be able to appreciate someone who is capable of being her own person?  While all women, and all people, ultimately strive for this, Virgo makes a career and sometimes an art of it.  Virgo won't adore you blindly.  She'll more likely love you for your flaws and imperfections, because she's a realist and also it makes her feel needed.  And it can either terrify a man into running eighty miles an hour in the opposite direction, or it can be a wonderful cooling bath to actually be able to be yourself.  But then, it depends on the sort of man you are, doesn't it? 

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