quiet, warmth, and safety are necessary for him to show any of that more mystical, sensitive side of himself, the one you ostensibly chose him for.  Hopefully, you didn't choose him to provide you with security, for you're making a sad error if you think he'll be able to play Supportive Father for very long.  He's too fluid and changeable, and too terrified of his own propensity to change, to tolerate being somebody else's rock.  Appreciate his intelligence, his wit, his cynical wisdom, his craftsmanship, his shrewdness, his kindness and his sensitivity, and you'll have a very rare creature as a lover.  For those who appreciate subtlety, and wit, and respect inner solitude, Virgo makes those more flamboyant signs seem pretty boorish in comparison. 

The Virgo Woman

If you're looking for the perfect housekeeper and have just read somewhere that Virgo women are masters (or mistresses) of the art, you should probably bestow your insult on some other sign.  The main gift of the Virgo woman is her intelligence, not her orderliness; and when you find the compulsive housebound type who dusts three times a day then you're courting trouble because you've got yourself a Virgo who's fallen into the shadow side of the sign.  And all that good housekeeping will pale into insignificance beside the shrewishness which goes with it.  This isn't, we repeat, what Virgo is about.  As a by-product it can be a nice bonus, and there are plenty of Virgo women who take an interest in their homes and like an orderly environment.  But Virgo as it expresses itself through the feminine psyche seems to be about things like good taste, and subtlety, and understanding, and a keen wit about people and life. 

There are catches, of course.  The self-contained figure of myth is very much in evidence in the Virgo woman, and it's often difficult for Virgo to really be 'married' in any deep sense of the word.  There's a quality about the Virgo woman which is psychologically untouchable, and if you try to invade it you get the same reaction as if you tried physical rape.  Virgo women aren't usually the clinging, helpless type.  More often they're amazons who show a frightening degree of capability and efficiency, either on a physical level or a mental one - or even sometimes both.  Good points for Women's Lib, but bad points if you want to be the sun around which a happily reflecting moon orbits. 

For one thing, Virgo women have opinions.  Mercury's connection with the sign seems to come out in a need to communicate, to talk, sometimes to simply gossip and chat.  Many Virgo women talk endlessly.  Sometimes it can make you cover your ears and begin screaming, just to make the sound stop.  It may not be the traditional Virgo criticism, either.  It may be all about the latest book she read, or the film she saw, or the person she's lately been taking apart and analyzing psychologically.  Virgos love to talk about other people, in great detail.  So if you're after the beautiful, silent type, forget it.  Virgo women also have a sometimes admirable, sometimes infuriating propensity to question your word and your knowledge, too.  Tell her something and she'll ask the source, complete with footnotes.  Virgo tends to believe not to believe anybody else until the definitive reference work becomes available.  It's hard to be more knowledgeable than a Virgo, because they won't allow it.  It's got a good and bad side.  It does wonders for your intellectual scope, and horrors for your ego. 

Many Virgo women come close to the figure of the Earth Mother, because the peculiar sensitivity of the sign expresses itself through a love of nature and a healing and skillful touch with all crafts.  It seems to be a typical Virgo skill to have a 'knack' with handicrafts of all kinds.  The arts for their own sake rarely attract Virgo, because things must be useful to be relevant.  But the Virgo woman displays immense skill at gardening, and craftsmanship in many areas.  And the quality of needing to be needed which attracts so many Virgos into the helping professions, from nursing to

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