in a very acute way which hastier signs don't notice.  The problem is, as always, is in releasing that sensual side.  It's said that Virgo takes a long time to warm up.  This is probably true.  In part, it's because of that old fear of the unknown, the chaotic.  Passion isn't always something that can be defined and rendered safe. 

Another reason for Virgo's apparent slowness in love is that he's not really easily fooled or a sucker for a pretty face, male or female.  Virgo thinks too much.  That means that he needs to communicate, to have some basis for relationship, other than a sexual one.  Often his work life is terribly important to him - Virgos frequently identify with their work and validate themselves according to how well they fulfill their jobs - and if you don't want to share his interest in his work, or talk to him about it, then he'll get pretty tired of even the most voluptuous or exciting partner.  Emotion and sexuality aren't enough to hold Virgo.  Remember that the sign is ruled by Mercury, and like Gemini, there's got to be some - however slight - meeting of minds. 

Virgo's realism also enters the stage here, and makes it rather difficult for this sign to try a wild moonlit love-at-first-sight passion.  He observes the world too much, and knows too much, to take that very seriously.  Also, he doesn't like gambling, and gambling with instantaneous passions is liable to be hurtful and disillusioning at best.  So he may sometimes go very cold and shut out someone to whom he's attracted, because he mistrusts anything sudden, uncontrollable, or unexplainable. 

Sometimes you find Virgos apparently kicking over the traces.  But look closely.  You'll usually find that their hearts haven't really been touched.  Male or female, it takes a long time for Virgo to truly thaw on a feeling level.  He may even allow himself to fall in love, but to love is for him something that takes time and careful nurturing.  He's realistic, you see.  In the end, he'll choose the reliable over the flamboyant.  You can see that in his taste, his furnishings, his habits.  Always pick the useful, the safe, the knowable, the quality, over the bright, the spontaneous, the unreliable, the unpredictable.  It can be a terrible bore, or, tempered with a little humour and a sense of fun, it can give a quality of understanding and warmth and wisdom which is both magnetic and highly attractive.  The operative word is fun.  In love, Virgo often needs to learn the word. 

Like everybody else, the things Virgo represses in himself are often the things he seeks in a partner.  Virgo, the 'earthbound builder of planes, landlocked craftsman of ships', often orders himself into a meaningless maze.  Not seeing the forest for the trees is one way of putting it.  He's so busy trying to perfect the vessel that he forgets it's meant to contain something.  So Virgo's fiery chaos and spontaneous self-expression of the intuition and imagination, personified by those dashing and unreliable fire signs who seem to have secret pacts with the gods and actually gamble, yes, horrors, gamble than display due caution.  When Virgo meets the fiery type, all the repressed child in him longs to escape and be free.  Earthbound, Virgos often starves himself to sheer joy in life.  He'd rather work, thanks, there's too much to do.  Virgo men and woman can often be seen with long lists of what must be done each day' and they will inevitably put play as the least relevant of priorities.  And Virgo's pattern is often to choose a partner who represents all the irresponsibility and drama he won't allow himself, all the instability and 'selfishness' (Virgo likes to use this word to apply to people who don't follow his priorities).  Naturally, these relationships can go two ways.  Either Virgo warms up and loosens up and balances himself out, or he tries to play Pygmalion with this lovely raw stone by chipping it into shape.  Then comes the scenario of the fiery partner spitting fire like a dragon, because he or she is always being 'nagged' or 'criticized'.  Relationships are rarely smooth and easy for Virgo, unless he plays terribly safe and finds himself another earthy type who fits into his safe universe.  And then, sadly, he's always a little bored, and life's a little dreary, and he feels he's missed the boat, somehow.  The recipe

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