the same language, and be able to communicate.  Even without help from a favorable Luminary and Ascendant exchange, and other such harmonious aspects in their horoscopes, they'll learn many valuable lessons from each other, and the mutual education could be fun and firecrackers, as well as mentally and emotionally stimulating - causing their souls to stretch.  Souls need exercise too, just like bodies.  That's the purpose of the 4-10 vibration. 

With a square or opposition between their mutual Luminaries, and Ascendants, these two Sun Signs may have to learn to protect themselves in the clinches.  The Bulls will balk at the airy nonchalance of the Aquarians, who may seem to be looking down and patronizing them, from up there in the clouds.  He Water Bearers will need a firm grip to keep from slipping over the wobbly line between Genius and Insanity, when the earthy Taureans make them feel they're pulling the dead weight of the Bull's disapproval behind them on their trips into outer space. 

Although there's a rumour that a lone cow once crashed the scene in a grand leap, it's difficult for a Bull to jump over the Moon, for all his (or her) splendid strength - as hard as it is for an Aquarian to be confined by a barbed wire fence, in a peaceful, but monotonous pasture.  But if it's true that 'the dish ran away with the spoon,' why can't a Bulls frolic happily with a Water Bearer?  In the realms of tolerance and joy, cats can play fiddles, and - Hey-diddle-diddle!  A Bull
can jump over the Moon!  I just checked my notes, and several of the astronauts were Sun Sign Taureans.  What do you know?  Life is full of surprises, as any Aquarian can tell you.  Even if you don't ask. 

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