when his mother called him 'an odd duckling' - Well, quack quack! 

Grand Old Opry star Minnie Pearl tells about a man in her home town who isn't very bright.  After he's opened his mouth and said, "Howdy!" he has told you everything he knows, claims Minnie.  She shouldn't judge him too hastily.  He could be an Aquarian, out there in one of his extended trips into the ethers.  The mechanism on his Time Machine which he carries in his noodle got jammed somewhere, perhaps in another century, caught in a Space Warp (a kind of hole in the sky) and he hasn't returned yet.  But he will.  Or she will.  Water Bearers always count-down from Tomorrow, and reappear brighter than when they left in their mental capsules.  The Aquarians who keep an even keel between all dimensions more often than they get lost in a Space Warp, are the prophets, visionaries, creative brains and inventive geniuses of mankind and womankind.  They gather the Waters of Wisdom and Higher Truth from the deep wells of Tomorrow, and pour it out in a continuous flow, in their weird guises of pixilated scientists and inventors, musicians, artists, writers, politicians, cab drivers, barbers and Chippewa Indian Chiefs and Squaws.  That's sort of 'where it's at' with Aquarius, 'it' being their consciousness, and 'at' being the triple dimension of Time and Space they visit. 

As for the Bulls, we can sum up their position in Time and Space very quickly.  Taurus exists in solid, tangible form in the Here and Now.  Never mind the Heretofore or the Hereafter.  One dimension is usually more than satisfactory for both the male and the female Bulls.  As far as these men and women are concerned, there are quite enough problems to be solved on this level, in the Present, without flying around looking for trouble on other levels in the Past or Future.  Tomorrow was made for some, perhaps.  But to Taurus, Tomorrow may never come.  Take care of Today.  Even the very rare 'psychic' Bull, such as Taurean Peter Hurkos, is glued to Earth.  Hurkos may take a swing out into the Future, or back into the Past, due to other planetary positions in his birth chart, but when he returns from his brief, un-Taurus-like flights, he wants his dinner, and he wants it on time.  He also pays his bills, minds his business, and expects others to mind theirs.  Besides, the only reason a Taurus psychic scatters any predictive pearls, is to convince people they should behave in a
sensible manner right now, and they should be prepared, in a practical way, for any emergencies the Bull may have glimpsed in the Future. 

Unlike Aquarius, Taurus is neither weird nor pixilated.  Taurus personifies Norman Rockwell's paintings - all of them.  The Bull's eyes do not contain the Aquarian's vague expression.  They are soft, serene - and sometimes beady, when the Bull is in a fury (which occurs most infrequently, but when it does, makes up for its rarity and intensity).  However, Taureans do often mumble, like Aquarians, in unintelligible monosyllables, at times, like "Yep" - "Nope" - "Uh-huh" - and "Grmmmpphhff."  So in this respect, there's a faint resemblance between them.  These two were both born under a Fixed Sign, giving them also in common a certain Fixity of purpose (you might prefer to call it obstinacy.  Outside of these similarities, they're as far apart as two humans can be, and still recognize one another as being from the same planet.  (It must be admitted here, in all honesty, that sometimes Taurus and Aquarius do
not recognize one another as being from the same planet.)  Taurus desires to retain the status quo.  Aquarius desires to change it. 

Picture these two, eyeing each other across a room, or across the street.  Aquarius, the Bouncing Crystal Ball - and Taurus, the immovable, but lovable Lump of Earth.  It's difficult to imagine their conversation, if they should decide to draw closer, isn't it?  I mean, after all, what does an immovable, but lovable Lump of Earth say to a Bouncing Crystal Ball?  "Grmmmpphhff"?  And what, in heaven's name, does a Bouncing Crystal Ball say to an immovable Lump of Earth?  "Howdy!"???  Well, let me tell you than, regardless of what the folks in Minnie Pearl's home town might believe, this mutual greeting will definitely never convey all that either of them knows. 

Taurus is not inclined to be a chatterbox, blabbing all his (or her)

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