knowledge to strangers.  However, the practical facts and common sense the Bulls have cautiously accumulated, and carefully stored in their heads, are nonetheless powerful mental tools, when they choose to sharpen them and go to work building a house, a financial empire, a career - or a firm approach to love and friendship.  "Grmmmpphhff" is assuredly not all Taurus knows.  But it may be all the Bulls are willing to tell an Aquarian on short acquaintance, until they've had time to decide if the Water Bearer is worth the energy required for any further chit-chat. 

As for Aquarius, the Uranus-ruled men and women always know far more than they spill carelessly out of their little brown jugs.  They receive their kicks from life by playing W.C. Fields, speaking in Sanskrit, underwater… sometimes varying this by switching o Peter Lorre or Boris Karloff, whispering through a megaphone, while chewing bubble gum underwater.  While they're on dry land, they use a word scrambling device (invisible, of course) that makes their Uranian conversations often sound like a tape being played backwards, at high speed.  Even when their remarks are clear enough to sound like a tape being played forward, at slow speed, there are usually lots of blank spots, where the tape has been erased.  Haven't you noticed that?  Taurus has noticed it, frequently, and gives a disgusted grunt or "Grmmmpphhff," refusing to try to cope with such nonsense.  Or… do the Water Bearers perhaps just flip off their switches now and then, when they want to splice up a thought, an idea, a feeling or a concept too far advanced for the ordinary mortal to comprehend?  Whatever, the point is that Taurus and Aquarius will communicate with one another exactly in the same manner they each communicate with the rest of us - in their own time, and in their own way. 

This is a 4-10 Sun Sign Pattern, which means that compatibility and comprehension between these two is achieved only with effort - and is rewarded with that good feeling of having accomplished something worthwhile, when it is finally achieved.  Assuming they've broken the ice with "Grmmmpphhff" and "Howdy!" how do they then break down the bashful barriers of Taurus, and the detachment of Aquarius, to get into action as a unity?  It depends on many factors.  To begin wity, Taurus has a great deal more reserve of manner than do the typical, friendly, gregarious Water Bearers.  Even the timid Aquarians count everyone as 'friend,' from the postman to the President (the President of the local anti-pollution League, or the President of the United Sates - Aquarius hardly knows the difference).  It's ll they can do, these people, to keep themselves straightened out on the difference between girls and boys, top and bottom, up and down, black and white, cold and hot, and all that.  A typical Aquarian is not prejudiced in his or her choice of buddies.  'Buddy' is a term Uranian folk use to describe lovers, husbands, wives, cats, dogs, squirrels, children, neighbours, dolphins, muggers, pickpockets, relatives and so on.  They are all 'buddies.'  Sometimes this is varied with 'my pal,' or 'my old buddy.' 'my good buddy,' 'my friend' - but never 'my
best friend.'  Aquarians are no more partial to friends than they are selective of them, so no one ever becomes the Aquarian's 'best friend.' 

Taurus is just one of the crowd.  The Bulls may bring along their empty cups if they wish, and the Water Bearers will fill them.  But Uranus-ruled men and women (and children) have little patience with the Bull's long silences and pouting spells.  There are too many thirsty people out there who need their time and attention, and a long drink from the waters of Uranian wisdom. 

It takes the average Taurean several years to make a friend - a real friend, not counting relatives and casual acquaintances.  It takes Aquarius approximately only five seconds to say, "Howdy, buddy!"  Then you've been told, you believe, all he (or she) knows, in Uranus Sanskrit, of course, or maybe in Aquarian hieroglyphics - so now you're friends, right?  Taurus is suspicious of friendships made quickly, taken lightly, and so loosely defined. 

If these two work through a harmonious Sun-Moon Ascendant relationship between their birth charts, they'll eventually begin to speak

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