that Archers are not afraid to gamble for the big stakes, because they know that the odds will eventually catch up to them and make them winners - at least often enough that taking a chance is exciting.  The natural Jupiter optimism encourages Sag to believe that all losing streaks are temporary.  And so they are. 

Considering this instinctive attitude, why shouldn't these two take a chance together, and gamble that they'll succeed in helping each other subdue their mutual vices, and magnify their mutual virtues?  It's not at all a bad risk to take - for the venturesome.  And Sagittarians are the ones who told Noah Webster the meaning of the word (as usual, without even being invited to do so).  "Venturesome," they informed Noah, as he was compiling his first dictionary, "means:  daring, bold and fearless, loving adventure, danger and hazard - to have the courage to undertake - to risk or to expose one's self. 

"That's us!" the cheery Archers told him.  "Be sure to come right out and say so frankly."  But Noah Webster omitted their names from the printed dictionary definition, which I think, was mean of him.  So you may consider this a corrigendum - on behalf of Jupiter. 

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