As for the medical trust, if the steadily rising malpractice suits (many of them initiated by idealistic and outraged Sagittarian lawyers with Sagittarian clients) should drive the majority of physicians and surgeons out of business - leaving us with only those few (most of whom are probably Jupiter-ruled) who are sincerely motivated by a desire to prevent and heal illness, we'd all be healthier and live longer. 

Politics?  Now there's a field sadly in need of Sagittarian candor, a field that would be more of a mess than it already is, without the Jupiter influence constantly struggling to mop and scour it.  There are so few sincere politicians and elected officials, you could count them all on the fingers of one hand, without using the thumb and ring finger - and many of these have the Sun, Moon or Ascendant in Sag.  The rest of them are unabashed liars (as
The New York Times editorials calmly admit), bribe takers, pitchmen and con artists. 

Of course, not even all Sagittarian doctors, lawyers, politicians, merchants, Indian Chiefs and Franciscan monks are perfect.  Archers make mistakes, just like all the rest of us - and when they make them, they're usually whoppers.  (Jupiter expansion.)  But Sagittarius is never consciously or deliberately hypocritical, and that makes the urgent difference.  Sag politician Winston Churchill is a case in point, and you might also meditate upon the refreshing frankness of Sagittarian wives of politicians, such as Mary Todd Lincoln and Betty Ford. 

As for organized religion, which is ruled astrologically by Sagittarius and Jupiter (Scorpio rules religious mystery, Pisces religious mysticism), it would be even more besmirched than it is now without the periodic benign and benevolent influences of forthright, idealistic Archers, such as beloved Pope John XXIII, and others of his kind, who have taught truth, tolerance and brotherhood, not just within the confines of Catholicism, but also through the centuries, and even now, as spiritual leaders of people of every faith.  Yet regardless of these truly holy ones, every church and denomination, sadly without exception, sells some form of hypocrisy and moral dictatorship. 

All religions, including the Protestant varieties, Judaism - and particularly the Roman Catholic and Mormon Power Dogmas, with their delusions of infallibility - appear to spend more time and effort competing with one another in the acquisition of wealth and property than they spend in practising compassion and forgiveness, or in spreading joy and happiness. 

Thank Heaven for the teaming up of Centaurs, and for the fascination of all Jupiter-ruled men and women with religion.  Taking into consideration the calendar changes from the Julian to the Gregorian, legend claims that Giovanni Francesco Bernardone - Francis of Assisi - was born in mid-December of 1182, making him also a Sun Sign Sagittarian - an Archer who shocked the hypocritical Roman hierarchy by sticking pins of truth into the balloons of their pompous pretenses. 
Pax et Bonum

Yet, despite being blessed and graced with such a goodly scattering of integrity-guarding Sagittarius, the major religions of the world still bury their collective heads in the sands of silence, like so many silly ostriches, believing that their bloody, recorded histories of discrimination, persecution and murder are invisible.  They refuse to practise what they preach, arrogantly denying their guilt.  Nor do they feel any obligation to confess their own past sins, and ask for forgiveness for them, in demonstration of that sweet virtue of humility that they extol as a necessity for salvation.  Perhaps we shouldn't be surprised, then, that so many young people are either choosing to be 'Born-again Christians' through organizations of undeniably well-meaning but misguided pilgrims (so fanatical and prejudiced in subtle, petty ways themselves, they wouldn't recognize the gentle Nazarene if he stood in front of their noses) - or have been forced to turn, in intellectual and spiritual desperation, to a cyclical blend of agnostic-atheism.  No wonder Satan cults and witch covens are multiplying. 

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