Rumpelstiltskin.  End of the candid, vivid astrology lesson.  Not all the foregoing remarks reflect my personal views.  Many definitely do, some do not.  This has been simply an astrological demonstration of the no-holds-barred kind of verbalization that could occur when the painful, absolute truth of Sagittarius, incited by the expansive Jupiter (and doubled when two Archers get together), is channeled through the equally honest, and even more direct, essence of a Mars-ruled Aries Ram, like myself. 

Two Archers, shooting pointed arrows of truth into each other, can ignite some blazing fires.  But should one of them have an Aries Moon Sign or Ascendant, adding the swift and certain penetration of Mars to the frankness of Jupiter, the air will surely be cleared of every trace of misconception, deception and delusion - to say the very least! 

If one of the two Sagittarians involved in this 1-1 association, does have such a heavy Aries influence in his (or her) horoscope, it would be beneficial if the other had a Capricorn or Pisces influence in the horoscope.  This would add the cautionary weight of Saturn, and the softening, compassionate influence of Neptune to the final judgment.  In fact, a Sag with an Aries Moon Sign or Ascendant might also need the tempering influence of a Sagittarian friend, relative or mate with some Libra and Aquarian planetary positions in the natal chart, for fairness and tolerance, respectively.  Otherwise, those blazing fires might flame into a conflagration of awesome proportions - an example of the possibility of Jupiter honesty creating more trouble than it cures, of two Archers communicating a message of Conflict, rather than Peace, to the world - and to themselves.  It's one thing to point out to religious groups, porno or smut peddlers and politicians the error of their ways, but boiling them in oil or burning them at the stake isn't likely to convert them.  Nor will, on a personal level, brutal attacks by one Sag on the other create harmony between them.  They'll only delay the miracles of enlightenment two Archers are capable of accomplishing, when they work together toward a common goal.  The real purpose of the astrology lesson demonstrated here is to make all double-Sag teams aware of their responsibilities, now that Neptune has moved into the signs of Sagittarius, and will remain there through 1984.  They, as well as the Aquarian Water Bearers, have their missions preordained for them during this crucial period. 

Now that we've dealt with the dangers of too much tactlessness and undisciplined frankness exchanged between a couple of Centaurs, it should be noted, with equal honesty, that Sagittarians, as a group, are good-natured sorts.  The female Archers are friendly and cheerful, the males are straightforward and optimistic, the children rather full of vim and vigor - and all of them hop about a lot.  There's an unmistakable bounce to the Sagittarian walk.  Some of them really do remind you of a rubber ball.  At times, they remind you of a racehorse, the way they canter around, heads held proud and high, leaping over the fences of society's restrictions and taboos.  All Archers are impressively graceful in posture and movement; yet they can't seem to avoid clumsily stumbling, both physically and verbally.  This is undoubtedly caused by the Centaur syndrome in every Sag.  A symbolic body, with the human on the front end, and a horse on the rear end, trying to balance itself long enough to arch a bow, and shoot an arrow straight, can be awkward.  I'm sure if you were to try it yourself, you would see the problem. 

But Sag is one of those perplexing signs of duality, and so there's always something contradictory in their natures; therefore we don't really know what sort of team we're analyzing in this chapter.  Some Archers are frisky and playful, some are serious and studious.  Some are quiet and reflective, quite nearly as 'owlish' as Capricorns.  The majority of Sagittarians, however, are happy-go-lucky people who adore playing practical jokes and who haven't a worry or a fear to their names - to whom life is one huge gamble or crap game.  (I'm sorry to sound vulgar, but there's no sense trying to pull punches with Sag.) 

As you might imagine then, when a couple of Archers are thrown together in this 1-1 association, it matters a great deal which types they

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