are.  Of one thing we can be certain (and so can they):  all Sagittarians, duality aside, are filled with good will and kind intentions.  Now and then they'll lose their tempers and say some pretty cruel things.  Still, even when they're verbally cutting each other into ribbons with their casual observations or keenly thrusting accusations, their motives never stem from malice.  They're just calling a shovel a shovel, to paraphrase the 'calling a spade a spade' expression.  Using a shovel to illustrate a point is just as correct as using a spade, especially when there's no difference in what they're shoveling. 

First searching out truth, then recognizing it, and finally being compelled to express it fearlessly is a Jupiter pattern in both the bouncy and the extremely rare, quiet and introverted Archers.  So is reaching for the brass ring and falling off the horse in the process, wishing on shooting stars and crossing one's fingers and toes for luck.  Every Sag is both an idealist and a gambler, in just about equal portions.  These people like to sing and draw and dance - play and take chances.  They also like to read, study, observe, learn, teach and travel.  When two of them are engaged in doing all these things (or even part of them) together, life is never boring.  It may be exhausting, but in no way could it be boring. 

As with all 1-1 Sun Sign vibrational people, regardless of periodic conflict between Sag and Sag, they'll usually remain friendly, because of a basic sympathy.  They almost never become enemies, even after they've exchanged heated words and repeatedly attacked each other's most sensitive spots.  Forgiveness is a virtue Sagittarians share equally with the other two Fire Signs, Aries and Leo - and to a somewhat lesser degree, with all the three Air Signs.  However, forgiveness is one thing - apology is another.  Two Archers won't find it any easier to apologize to each other than to anyone else.  But they will sense one another's regret, and instead of forcing the issue, they'll simply begin saying nice things back and forth as a sign that there are no hard feelings.  Archers never hold grudges.  They'll frankly admit they've been wrong (when they really believe they have been), but more often by their actions than in so many words - and by the return of their cheerful grins, inviting you to forget the disagreement and start all over as friends again.  Sag finds ways of signaling 'I'm sorry' without speaking the actual words.  This saves face for both of them, keeps their pride intact and allows the making up of a quarrel to be more or less painless. 

At the beginning of this chapter, I mentioned that the theatre - both the 'legitimate' stage and the 'illegitimate' (?) film beckons to Sagittarius.  A great many Archers do follow the footlights in every capacity, from performers, playwrights, producers and directors, to grip men, prop people, costume and scenic designers, light crews and cameramen - and women.  But even those Jupiter people who enter arenas of endeavour other than the theatre are. Nevertheless, what might be termed 'of the theatre.'  They enjoy studying human nature, fully aware that everyone, on occasion, is an actor or an actress, and they take great pleasure in guessing the roles played by their friends.  They take even more pleasure in playing parts themselves, especially with one another, whether it's Mary, Queen of Scots, Son Quixote, a circus clown or a bareback rider. 

Sagittarians make interesting psychiatrists, whether amateur or professional, when their tactless speech is tempered by a more tactful Moon Sign or Ascendant, such as Libra or Pisces.  Two Archers who are associated as business associates, neighbours, friends, kindergarten buddies, playpen pals, relatives, lovers or mates will spend lots of time analyzing each other, and alternating the roles of comedy and tragedy.  When one is weeping, the other will turn comedian (or comedienne) to cheer the sad one, which is one of the very nicest things about a double Sag relationship, regardless of the age or sex of the two Centaurs.  Having been born under the influence of a Sun Sign of duality, they're eternally aware of the truth of poet Kahlil Gibran's observation that Joy and Sorrow are twins.  Each Sag is always ready and willing to remind the other one that, when Failure and Sorrow threaten to dim his (or her) dreams, Joy and Success are waiting in the wings to skip out on stage and do their number - and vice versa.  That's why Sagittarians appear to be so incredibly lucky.  Luck has nothing to do with it, actually.  It's just

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