expression.  There are exceptions, as always, but they are rare.  Libra loves fine and elegant furnishings and beautiful objects, whether they're chairs and tables or china and crystal.  Capricorn admires craftsmanship - articles which are not only beautiful, but built to last longer than a few months after you bring them home.  Somewhere near the center of these two views, Libra the Judge (or Judgess) and the Goat (or the Goat girl) will meet cheerfully and agreeably.  Capricorn will be more interested in the price tag and the practicality of everything from clothing to carpeting, whereas Libra will be more drawn by the colours and fabric, the overall impression of balance - and the aesthetically pleasing.  There are lots of areas where these two can find compatibility rather than conflict when they take the time and trouble to make the distinction. 

Capricorn, however, may be unable to hide his (or her) disapproval of Libra's eternal optimism and dances of indecision.  And Libra may sometimes feel that hanging out with Cappy is like chumming around with the Warden at Sing Sing or an adult truant officer who turns in guilty adults who occasionally play hooky from the school of life. 

But probably, by and by, Libra will once more tint the Goat's seriousness with pastel-coloured bubbles of hope… Capricorn will make Libra feel even-tempered and snugly protected… they'll both look toward tomorrow, which of course
will be better… realize that time is on their side… somehow glue their association back together… and race for the photo finish again. 

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