horoscopes are conjucnt, sextile or trine; (b) that one of them was adopted and given a false birth date; or (c) that these two Earthlings deserve the kind of respect and admiration usually reserved for heroes and heroines, because they've successfully molded their mutual personalities and characters into the shape of the unselfishness and tolerance needed to adjust to one another's totally different attitudes and motivations - into the blend of self-control and compassion of which sainthood is woven.  They may not be quite saints, but they will be nearer that level of self-discipline and outward serenity, but few believe it till they've tried it - and since they don't believe it, not many try it! 

Admittedly, it can be a dull and dreary experiment if only one person is trying, and the other won't cooperate.  Martyrdom is dreadfully boring, unless both people sacrifice together.  Otherwise it isn't fair, the halo gained feels more like an iron band, and doesn't have much glitter.  The wings are rather sparse of feathers too, somewhat skimpy.  It's rough to work for the rank of saint or angel all by one's self.  Then 'sweet humility' can cross over the line into masochism, if one isn't careful.  It's a fine line, and masochism is not synonymous with sainthood, never mind what all the Polly Perfects and George Goodies tell you. 

Capricorn is a feminine Sun Sign, ruled by a masculine planet (Saturn).  Libra is a masculine Sun Sign, ruled by a feminine planet (Venus).  This is extremely helpful in assisting the Libra and Capricorn men, women and children to achieve a harmonious blend in their association, since they each possess the blend themselves, and can trade it back and forth.  The proper blending fo the 'feminine' qualities of gentleness, patience and sensitivity and the 'masculine' qualities of energy, firmness and idealism. 

Now that we have Libra's Scales swinging in the soft breeze of happy balance, all smiles and dimples - and Cappy pleasantly nodding in wise agreement that Peace is better than Conflict - we're off to a good start at post time with these two competitive people.  It should be, therefore, a friendlier race to the exciting photo finish.  (Libra will want to be sure that he - or she - looks attractive, if there's to be a photographer around, while the Goat will grumble that it doesn't matter, but secretly glance in the mirror to be sure his tie is straight - or that her hair is behaving reasonably.) 

The 'good start' between these two may not last long, however.  They aren't to blame.  The 'mea culpa' admission rightfully belongs in their ruling planets.  How could Libra be unfair?  How could Capricorn be unwise or rash in any way?  They're both such nice people.  No, it's those pesky ruling planets.  They cause all the trouble.  To be candid, Venus and Saturn are not exactly what an astrologer would call space buddies.  Libra's Venus tends toward gentle permissiveness, liberal softness, sometimes excesses of spending and pleasure, and a bit of procrastinating now and then.  Cappy's Saturn tends toward stern discipline, conservative hardness and never excesses in anything, especially not for pleasure, definitely leaning more toward economy of the purse, emotions and behaviour.  As for procrastination (which, to the typical Goat, is synonymous with laziness and the shirking of duty) few Cappies are guilty of postponing until tomorrow what they can force themselves to accomplish today.  If circumstances beyond their considerable control should require postponement, they won't waste valuable time and energy in arguments, debate, discussion, tears, frustration, indecision or any of those Venus-type strategies and defences.  They'll just resign themselves (temporarily) to Fate, mumbling one of their favourite Saturnine truisms, such as:  'time is on our side' - 'patience is a virtue' - 'haste makes waste' - 'anything worth having is worth waiting for' - and so on. 

Then Libra will add the favourite Venusian truisms, like:  'isn't it a lovely day?' - 'tomorrow will be better' - 'everything will be all right' - 'don't worry about the future' - 'things are going well' - 'it will be sure to have a happy ending' - 'there's a rainbow 'round the bend' - and last - but not least, Libra's truly-all-time-favourite, 'every cloud has a silver lining.' 

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