These particular Saturnine and Venusian philosophies, at least, are in beautiful harmony, each adding the right amount of light and shadow to make a clear and interesting picture (all pictures are flat when they're painted in one dimension only ) and you must admit the foregoing truisms do not conflict with, but rather complement and enrich each other.  Although they may appear to reflect different viewpoints they actually reflect the same viewpoint, just expressed in polarized fashion.  Sort of like - is the wine flask half-empty or half-full?  Is the end of the day the beginning of night - or is the beginning of night the end of day?  Is awakening in the morning the beginning of sleep - or is falling asleep at night the beginning of awakening?  When a woman is four-and-a-half months pregnant, is she half-past conception or half-way to delivery?  Do people take vitamins to stay well - or to keep from becoming ill?  It all depends on whether your general outlook is pessimistic (cautious-Capricorn) or optimistic (hope-Libra).  If they 'half' try, they can probably meet one another smack-dab in the middle of Cappy's caution and Libra's hope. 

One nice thing about a linking of these two Cardinal souls is that they certainly do project one huge amount of power as a unit.  Make that Power with a capital 'P.'  They're both iron-determined to get what they want, to arrive where they're going and to bend others to their will.  Of course,  they go about achieving these goals in markedly different ways, but the bottom line is what counts.  (Or is it the top line?)  Once Libra and Cappy have decided to join forces and walk in more or less the same direction, they can accomplish, between them, almost anything they want, whether it's a personal ambition, a mutual private dream - or some blessed mission of mercy to bring happiness to others. 

Since Libra is symbolically (and often literally) 'the judge' - and Capricorn astrologically symbolizes Law and Authority, the Wisdom of Age and Experience - these two might laser their combined attention on a multitude of heartbreaking problems on this planet.  Only one of many thousands of these is the 1978 law passed in the Bronx, New York, allowing judges to mete out adult sentences to punish youthful criminals between 13 and 16 years old.  A 13-year-old child who kills somebody with a gun (and an alarming number of them are doing just that) can now be imprisoned for
life, with no parole.  Unsafe streets and the shocking rise in crime among children must be stopped.  No one denies that.  But is this the solution to halt it?  How does a 13-year-old obtain a gun?  From adults.  Where do children get the idea of violence, of shooting, maiming, killing, crippling?  From television. 

To program young minds with vivid images, to set a negative example before impressionable youngsters, who always have (and always shall)
imitate in order to learn, then punish them for being efficient human computers, and reacting precisely to what's been fed into them by their parents and the television networks will never balance out as either 'logical' or 'fair' on Libra's Scales.  Neither will such a solution as life imprisonment be viewed as wise or profound to Capricorn's sensible way of thinking.  Perhaps the two of them might call upon the guidance of their ruling planets to suggest a new way to bring light into the darkness, rather than deepening it.  Between the merciful justice and compassion, of Venus and the 'Dispenser-of-Karma' Saturn's unerring instinct for placing the blame infallibly where it belongs, maybe the Bronx - and the world, would be a brighter place in which to live.  Not exist.  Live

Following Gilbert and Sullivan's counsel to 'let the punishment fit the crime,' they might begin by lobbying for a law to give life imprisonment, not to children, but to particular television programmers and network chiefs, who are, to a great extent, the cause of the youngsters' crimes - by feigning innocence, claiming their programs have no measurable negative effect on audiences - and refusing to accept the great weight of responsibility for the mass programming of the human mind.  Then, with the
real criminals justly and safely behind bars, the youngsters could all be happily re-programmed.  Not necessarily with 'Andy Hardy,' though that wouldn't be a bad place to begin, since 'Judge Hardy' was a perfect blend of Libra-Capricorn virtues - but at least with something besides

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