cheap comedy, lust, greed, sex, drugs, violence, murder, deadly boring talk and game shows - and an occasional 'Roots' and 'Holocaust.'  The computer programming of young minds who will control the future of the planet (if nuclear-powered industries don't succeed in negating a future altogether) is a vital New-Age career Libra and Capricorn might consider engaging in together.  It's not an astrological exaggeration to claim that Libra and Capricorn together can create enormous energies and power for the positive, when they choose to combine their vibrations and rise up to (rather than avoid) the 4-10 challenge of their association.  The ultimate proof is the September 1978 Summit meeting at Camp David between Capricorn Anwar Sadat, Capricorn Vice-President Walter Mondale, Leo Menachem Begin - and Libran President Jimmy Carter.  Whatever occurs or does not occur in the future, the whole Earth brightened a few tones from the great beginning of sunrise of that memorable autumn conference of two Goats, a Lion - and the Scales of Balance. 

Accused on all sides by angry, disappointed American critics of 'constantly changing his mind and his position' had been Libran Carter - who, after all, in being so changeable and having some difficulty in making a decision from time to time, like all Librans, was only being true to his Sun Sign.  Until he made (as Librans always
finally do) a brilliant decision, the most important one of his life.  Librans may drive you crazy while they're deciding, but when they balance the golden trays of their Scales and at last make a firm one, they don't fool around.  It's never less than profound, and really worth all the seesawing they subject you to beforehand. 

In making his decision, Jimmy Carter rose to the heights of his astrological mission of Libra, the Peacemaker, faced the 4-10 testing with Capricorn Sadat as coolly as he'd been sailing through it with Capricorn Mondale - glorified his Sun Sign and proved astrology's ancient precepts.  Whatever problems arose between the patient and wise, yet sometimes stubborn Goat Sadat and the generous and benevolent but sometimes arrogant Lion Begin, it took a Libran Peacemaker to balance out their differences successfully - to coax them, with his broad Venus smile, to embrace before the world in a display of genuine affection.  The entire affair constituted Sun Sign astrology put to its most effective purpose.  Cappy 'Fritz' Mondale kept Cappy Anwar Sadat cozily comforted, feeling secure and safe (as only two Goats can make each other feel) - while charming, smiling Libran Carter easily smoothed the occasional ruffled Lion's mane (and mien) of prideful Menachem Begin (easily because Carter and Begin are guided by the sextile 3-11 vibration) - then turned his Venus tranquility upon Saturn-ruled Sadat, and triumphed over the natural 4-10 natal Sun square between them.  When all the strain was over, and the Libra happy ending was in sight, Goat Sadat, ever the Capricorn 'family man,' sent to the Lion Begin autographed pictures of himself, Begin and Carter for Begin's grandchildren.  Ever rhe proud Leo, Menachem royally reciprocated the gift by presenting to Cappy Anwar a medallion by Israeli artist Agam, its theme: 
The Dream of Peace

The eternal dream of Libra - peace.  The eternal grace of Capricorn - patience and wisdom.  The eternal blessing of Leo - beneficence, warmth and magnanimous gestures.  Everyone behaving in a manner befitting the most positive qualities of his Sun Sign Essence… and behold what miracles may manifest!  Of course, not being there, I can't be sure, but I have a hunch the Libran Carter kept his Venus optimism intact during the dark moments of the Summit meeting by repeating the usual Libra mantras to himself.  A bird perched high up in a pine tree outside Carter's window probably heard him sighing more than once to himself that 'every cloud has a silver lining' - and sure enough, Libra proved his own truism! 

One thing Capricorn and Libra may share is an interest in Art or 'the Arts.'  Not every Goat is an artist, but nearly all Cappies are quietly inspired by paintings, and so are most Librans.  They also share an interest in music, these two.  Both of them tend more toward 'the masters' in all art forms than toward the more modern idiom of artistic

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