the financial decisions.  They sit back and play the child to the woman-father-lover.  It's a curious phenomenon, and you find it when Capricorn has been badly scarred or hurt by his childhood.  But more often the Capricorn man is only too happy to play the strong, supportive, capable role.  It's just hard for him sometimes to share it. 

You also have to accept, in relationships with Capricorn, that his career comes first.  That means that if he is moved by his firm from London to Stoke-on-Trent, you learn to like Stoke-on-Trent.  If it's his ambitions that might be fulfilled by a move of house, a pruning of the social circle, a change in any of the things which give comfort and pleasure in personal life, then it's his ambitions which come first.  If you have any of your own, you're expected to adjust.  This means that you have two solutions.  Either you accept with grace and joy the ancient male-female relationship, which has much to commend it, or, if you're the more independent sort, you learn to maintain a relationship with Capricorn that isn't very close.  That usually means a sexual relationship without any commitment.  He's not going to commit himself to you unless he knows that you're prepared to commit yourself to him and his goals.  And he may simply run a few casual affairs for a time until he finds the woman who can be the kind of emotional support his enclosed nature needs to blossom. 

It's obvious that this kind of man is the perfect mate for some women, and a disaster for others.  It depends on your taste.  But you can't dominate a Capricorn man, except by the most devious methods of emotional blackmail - and he'll usually spot those and learn to despise you in time for it - and you can't make yourself more important in his life than his own inner convictions and commitments.  And what this sums up is a man who is a pretty good embodiment of the masculine principle in one of its most ancient and traditional forms.  Many women prefer more ambivalent men, who are able to lean a little more toward the middle, and have more tolerance for the feminine side of life.  Not Capricorn.  He's not in the least ambivalent.  He usually knows what he wants - and if it's you he'll generally be fairly tenacious about getting you to surrender - and he rarely deviates once he's decided.  You can either love and respect it, or leave it alone.  It's almost impossible to change both himself and the world.  And nobody can do it for him. 

The Capricorn Woman

It may be hard to imagine a woman who embodies the principle of the Father.  But in fact it doesn't make Capricorn women masculine.  If anything, they often have a quality of femininity which epitomizes the fantasies of many men.  Take, for example, Marlene Dietrich.  Masculine?  Well, not in any sense we understand the word.  But look again.  The typical Capricorn woman is usually subtle, and sensitive, and perceptive.  She'd rather use diplomacy than argue aggressively; her voice is usually cool and calm and low-pitched.  She's often beautiful and tastefully dressed, never gaudily, and never in clothes that follow a fad, but in classically tailored feminine things.  She's smart enough to know that silk underwear and expensive perfume are far more effective than blue-green dyed hair.  She's also smart enough to know that you don't confront power directly; therefore, if she wants something from you, you usually end up thinking that you came up with the idea yourself, and she's managed to twist you around with such finesse that you're convinced she's fragile and helpless and you begin to feel such a hero that your biceps begin to visibly swell.  Ah, poor soul.  No Capricorn is fragile or helpless.  All Capricorn women are born with stainless steel spines. 

This doesn't mean that all Capricorn women use people.  Many do; their strong cynical streak makes them choose partners who can provide support and security, or can help with a creative career.  But many are also devoted lovers and wives and mothers, offering their powerful wills and business astuteness and worldly wisdom and

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