off.  You usually find that no matter how much the goat loves, there's always a last special place inside which he isn't prepared to share, a last area of self-control which he isn't about to relinquish.  Capricorn is often a loner, a self-isolated figure climbing his own private mountain.  And sometimes he won't allow himself to accept either help or sympathy when the going is rough.  Thanks very much, he'll manage himself.  It's difficult to do Capricorn a favour.  He can often be seen doing favours for his friends and loved ones; he knows how to give, especially when it comes to the things of the world.  But sometimes he can't receive very well.  He has a ferocious pride, and a real terror of being dependent and weak.  No goat can bear a situation over which he has no control. 

If you ever have a chance to scratch the surface of a Capricorn, you'll find that he's a secret romantic.  He shares this in common with the earth signs.  But his romanticism is almost never allowed to dictate his decisions.  He'd much rather sacrifice the great romantic love for the safe, suitable partner who is a social asset as well.  When they marry early, many Capricorns run the risk of choosing for security and suitability, and living to bitterly regret the choice.  You'll rarely find Capricorn throwing all away for love.  He might throw all away for the sake of conviction, or for the preservation of his family.  But love?  Well, marriage isn't always motivated by love for Capricorn, and certainly not solely.  Back in the days when marriages were arranged and you learned over many years of sticking together (divorce just wasn't done) to develop a deep fondness and respect for your partner, Capricorn would have found that arrangement just right.  You can imagine what the Pisceans and the Leos and the Sagittarians would have done.  But Capricorn takes his vows seriously, and he wants to be very sure before he makes them that the investment is likely to turn out successfully.  Most Capricorns either marry very early - in which case they're either looking for fathers, or trying to play fathers - or they marry late, having scanned the market carefully.  But on impulse?  Rarely. 

Not that it's a bad way to be.  Capricorn places more value on deep respect, duty, loyalty, and the power of the family bond than he does on a few months of wild passion.  Not that he's not capable of passion.  This is an earthy sign, remember, and the sexual drive is often strong and the physical nature very basic.  But many Capricorns keep this side of themselves out of their serious relationships, because they don't often trust their passions. 

If you are involved with a Capricorn, you must accept the fact that he or she will try to take charge.  Capricorn doesn't take kindly to either positions of submission or humiliation or one-upmanship - unless he's the winner and you the one who submits.  If you hurt his pride, or take away his self-respect, he'll take a long time forgiving, and an even longer time forgetting. 

Because of his earthy, controlled nature, Capricorn sometimes finds it difficult to express his love and affection in a relaxed way.  He may feel it deeply, but you may never know it.  And he's usually attracted to those who can loosen him up a little bit - the extroverted, emotional type, the irresponsible and playful temperament, the child.  The same thing that makes many Capricorns secret religious seekers also makes them seekers after people who are able to open up the romantic side of life for them.  Underneath the realistic and pragmatic surface of Capricorn, you'll find all sorts of fantasies.  But it's not likely he'll tell you about them.  Capricorn is very frightened of chaos.  This is why so many Capricorns shy away from the supernatural or mystical side of life - or, put another way, from the unconscious, the unknown depths in themselves.  An emotional reaction or nonrational experience can leave Capricorn feeling embarrassed and vulnerable.  Yet he longs for these qualities in a partner, someone through whom he can learn to trust all those things he doesn't dare trust in himself or in life. 

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