Gurdjieff and Krishnamurti.  But whatever the goal is, those first years of life have developed a steely determination in our goat, and although he may be a little late in getting on the road, once he gets moving nothing is going to get in his way, no matter how many setbacks and obstacles confront him.  Capricorn is very tenacious.  After all that work, he's not going to just dump the project because the road's a little rocky.  If you want to bet money on someone succeeding in life, bet it on a Capricorn.  It's not that there aren't any Capricorns who fail.  Lots do.  But the Capricorn who is really expressing his basic nature is a sure winner.  It may take him seventy years, so don't expect it in a hurry.  But he'll get there. 

Work and success aren't the whole picture to Capricorn.  Because he's very concerned with tradition and structure, his family life is also often highly important.  Structure is yet another keynote for the sign, and marriage and family commitments are often taken with great seriousness and responsibility.  Capricorns don't like to break promises, they like to be thought responsible, and it's important to their self-image to have the world see them that way.  The idea of leaving a marriage, or offending the family, is extremely painful to Capricorn; he'll often endure a marriage that has gone loveless for many years because his sense of commitment to the structure and security is so strong.  This trait is usually more typical of the older Capricorn, since most sun signs don't really show their colours until around thirty and Capricorns even later.  But Capricorn can carry the duty bit so far that he makes his own life a living hell and sometimes the lives of the people around him.  Duty is a two-edged sword.  And guilt often plagues our goat; vague guilt which he can't always pin down, but which makes him take up responsibilities that others should be handling.  Many Capricorns willingly pick up the threads other signs responsible for keeping the world turning on its axis, and feel horribly guilty if they don't step in.  It might just stop spinning if they do.  It's hard to pry a Capricorn away from his guilt, because it makes him feel he's contributing something.  The trouble is, it often leads other people to lean on him and take advantage of him, which only increases his sense of suspicion and his mistrust of others' motives.  And he rarely realizes that it's his own doing. 

Capricorn's real place is out on the world's stage, moving things in the environment - little or small - so that he leaves the place a little more organized than it was when he found it.  His gifts lie in the realm of organization and control, discipline and initiation of changes within already existing structures.  He's often more of an idealist than you'd expect, in that he may have a vision of how to improve the world, or the small corner of the world he inhabits.  Mystical, he isn't, and his ideals are always attainable ones.  He makes sure of that, and also usually makes sure he has the resources and the skills to achieve them in his lifetime.  He won't sit idly by and let others bring to birth his vision; he hates to delegate responsibility, and usually believes he must do it himself.  It's usually only in maturity that he discovers it's okay to relax occasionally and enjoy the fruits of his labours.  Sometimes he has to be prodded by an infuriated wife or lover, or a weeping child, to take a little holiday and let himself be sloppy and human.  But in his heart he's a builder, and often a selfless one, building for others with his immense skills and power of will.  It may take you a while to get to know him.  But beneath the often overly conventional garb he's seen a lot of life, and hopefully a lot of the funnier side of it too.  In kabbalistic thought the symbol of Saturn was equated with understanding - profound, rich wisdom based on real experience rather than theories and philosophies.  It's worth a little time and effort to be able to tap that vein of gold. 

The Capricorn Lover

Relationships aren't easy for Capricorn.  You might expect this, since control is always important to him, and letting down the solid protection of that suit of armour takes a lot of effort.  He's been wearing the armour for so long that very likely it's rusted at the hinges, and you hear some pretty loud groans and protests as it comes

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