So this old-young man or woman will seek someone who can help him free the child in himself.  And this kind of relationship can often heal him and release his real creativity.  The trouble is that, having found someone who personifies the fiery side of life, Capricorn will often take the role of a stern parent with a child, repressing rather than encouraging spontaneity.  If it's you who has been cast in the role of the child, that well-meaning parental tone can get a little suffocating, not to say restrictive.  It's really the child in himself that Capricorn keeps trying to keep in line, the restless, volatile wanderer who might upset all his plans and suddenly call the world's attention to his own difficulty in commitment.  Capricorn's parent-child marriages (and he'll usually taste both sides of this arrangement, since he'll very likely play the child in youth and the parent later in life) can be either creative or destructive.  Gone sour, they can develop into a never-ending prison for the more spontaneous partner, and a growing sense of suspicion and mistrust for the Capricorn.  Or the stern, stiff streak in Capricorn can let himself be thawed by the gift of love, and learn through it that life can be trusted.  And if the suspicious goat can learn that, well, then, he has the world truly at his feet, since he can begin to enjoy the rewards of all his labour.  It's true for Capricorn than for any other sign that life begins at forty - and often love as well. 

The Capricorn Man

Meet this man while he's still in his twenties and you'll probably not really see the goat.  You'll meet a goat in formation, and often he'll seem like a worldly failure, or wanderer who is unsettled and unsure of his direction.  Or he'll seem to have given up and saddled himself with an unpromising future in some job he dislikes.  But stick with him, or meet him later, and you'll see the goat in true form.  And he'll almost always have a goal he's working his way towards.  And his way of showing his love is generally to share that goal with you, and his expectations in love are that you do everything in your power to help him achieve it. 

Capricorn men tend, on the whole, to belong to a more traditional school.  Once again, this may not be in evidence in the early part of life, since the goat must learn by hard experience and hard experience means he must try a lot of things in youth that he'll moralize fiercely against later.  But because of his emotional complexity and inhibitions, and because security means a lot to him, sooner or later he'll usually look for a stable, solid relationship which can constitute a family for him.  You'll also notice that it's important to many Capricorns to have sons, since the strong patriarchal streak in the sign may love and adore women yet still secretly feels the world should be run by men.  Capricorn men aren't really very good members of the feminist movement like many Aquarian and Libran and Piscean men are.  They have a strong sense of what masculine pride and dignity and achievement are about.  If you want to get a Capricorn to consider your opinions or wishes, you must learn to be a diplomat.  After all, he respects diplomacy.  What he doesn't like is rebellion. 

Often you'll see a real fatherly quality in the Capricorn man.  He can be wonderfully protective and supportive, and he's usually the kind of man who when he says, 'Don't worry.  I'll take care of it,' really does.  He can be a pillar of strength and a great source of wisdom and help.  The difficulty with this paternal side of his is that you sometimes only get the best face of it when you're prepared to be the helpless one who needs support.  Many Capricorn men dislike capable women; it takes away their need to be the strong figure in the relationship. 

Sometimes you see this reversed.  The Capricorn man who hasn't come to terms with his father relationship may behave like an adolescent still rebelling against the father.  Then, in a queer way, he looks for those paternal qualities in his women.  There is a whole breed of Capricorn male who let their ladies support them and make

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