and ninety horsemen, if you wish.  Throw in the entire Marine Corps.  If the Water Bearer has other ideas, the Crab is nearly always wasting time, and Cancerians should make note of this, because they do not like to waste time any more than they like to waste money.  Still, there's always the unexpected, 'unpredictable' outcome, when the Aquarian is cajoled or wheedled or softly pressed into submission, and the rare instances of this phenomenon will invariably be due to the Crab's truly amazing tenacity.  When a Crab grabs anything or anyone with that claw of persistence, it's no easy task to work loose from the grip. 

The eating habits of these two are vastly different.  Many Aquarians enjoy snacks like frozen bananas dipped in chopped liver, tomatoes stuffed with pinto beans - and baked dandelions.  Cancerians prefer more nourishing dishes like Mama used to make and stuffed into their ecstatic tummies.  The formula Aquarius must remember if he-she wants to keep Crab happy is lots of love - lots of food - lots of money - and simply oodles of sympathetic listening. 

If the Crabs care to be given the secret of success in achieving harmony with the Water Bearers, here it is (but don't tell anyone - shh!)  Mind your own business - don't gossip - don't nag - don't ask questions - and be prepared to remind them of their names and addresses now and then, when they absentmindedly forget such small matters.  If they both practice these formulas, they should get along quite nicely with each other. 

When the Crab is lonesome and moonsick (which is very much like homesick, only much more so), the Water Bearer should cheerfully call out, "Hey!  You want to play marbles with jelly beans?"  That's all it takes to make most sad Looney Birds smile - the mention of yum-yums.  And the memory of fun at recess, in the 'good old days' long, long ago, when Life was nice and safe and secure and cozy… when Mama tucked them in at night, and always had a hanky handy to dry the tears shed over their Lunar fears. 

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