she returned home with her baby son in her arms that she glanced at her warning.  Stamped in large purple letters on the card in the book, was the telegram from Uranus, as clear and distinct as could be:  DUE DATE - February 3, 1978. 

Regardless of the relationship between Cancer and Aquarius, whether the two of them are relatives, friends, business associates, lovers or mates - whether the Cancerian is a boy Crab or a girl Crab, and whether the Water Bearer is male, female or any other sex - the Aquarian will, from time to time play this little tricks on the Moon person, just to watch the Lunar reaction.  Cancerian features are so elastic, it's like watching a movie of Life to observe the expressions that pass across them - joy, sorrow, laughter, suspicion, secrecy, fear, anger, tenderness, hope, despair, expectancy - the entire gamut of human emotions.  Tears, then giggles.  Laughter, then sobs.  Crankiness, then gentle sweetness.  Softness, then crabby snapping.  The Water Bearers thoroughly enjoy it all.  But there's one Cancer mood they won't enjoy.  The Crab's sometimes exaggerated sense of personal privacy.  Aquarians have nothing to hide, and they can't comprehend why the Crabs are so unnecessarily suspicious and self-protective.  These two may sometimes need a brief vacation from each other when one's eccentricities begin to grate on the other's nerves. 

A male Cancerian and male Water Bearer I know, who were very close friends in New York, decided to share a house for a few months in California, while the Aquarian was checking out a college to see if it deserved being honoured by his enrollment.  His Cancerian buddy had a habit of locking his own room when he left the house.  No reflection on his Uranus friend's honesty, but Crabs just have this sometimes slightly neurotic compulsion for secrecy.  The Aquarian merely shrugged.  The idiosyncrasies of their friends never trouble or surprise the Water Bearers.  'Live and let live' is their motto.  However, one night the Crab made the mistake of locking the Aquarian's guitar and tennis racquet in his (the Cancer's) room before he went to a movie.  When Aquarius came home and wanted to practise some songs, then play a set of tennis, and realized his equipment had been locked up, he exploded into a lightning streak of Uranus anger, pried open a window and made a force entry to recover his belongings. 

Outraged when he returned to find his room broken into, the Crab called the police.  It nearly destroyed the friendship between them, but fortunately, they talked it over and parted with a handshake - although the Aquarian wisely moved out the next day, before the Cancerian's period of pouting over the incident made him say things that would have wounded the sensitive Lunar one too deeply to ever be forgotten.  They'll pick up their friendship someday again, where it left off.  But the moral of the story is that these two Sun Signs shouldn't press each other too far.  A breathing spell apart periodically is helpful. 

Cancer intensely resents the Aquarian inquisitiveness and blunt speech.  Aquarius intensely resents Cancer's reticence and tendency to pout.  Yet the Water Bearer will become cross himself (or herself) when the Crab is moody, eccentric and unpredictable.  Then the Crab could very well retort, justifiably, "Look who's complaining about mood changes, eccentricity and unpredictable behaviour!"  Unfortunately, however, Aquarians never see themselves as strange in any way.  The whole world is crazy, and everyone in it is crazy, but they are as normal as can be.  Aquarius is a Fixed Sign, don't forget.  Cancer is Cardinal.  Therefore, Cancer will make every possible attempt to 'lead' Aquarius while Aquarius makes every possible attempt not to be led.  That's what Cardinal means and that's what Fixed means.  The sum total is… well, I do hate to be redundant, but it's unpredictable. 

The most common mistake made in an association between the Moon-ruled and the Uranus-ruled is the tendency of the Crab to try every sort of strategic maneuver (most of them sly and secret) to get the Eater Bearer to come around to the Cancerian point of view.  It takes a while to learn that the devil and forty horsemen could not persuade a Uranus individual to do anything he-she does not wish to do.  You can make that the devil

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