Not as wisely prophetic as Sag, Aries, nonetheless, sees straight through to the heart of all things, being blessed with the combination of Mars penetration to the core and the infant's innocence and na´vetÚ, which is the purest wisdom of all.  The most vital difference between these two, however, is that the Ram is far more vulnerable to cruelty and neglect.  Also, there is never maliciousness in the Aries intent, for, like the newborn, Aries comprehends, essentially, only goodness - whereas Sagittarius has lived long enough (soulwise) to have developed more cynicism and worldly-wise attitudes. 

Great idealism and striving are present in Sag, but seldom innocence.  Sagittarius has learned to think, to use the intellect, to prophesy and to philosophize.  Aries comprehends no other path to happiness than the newborn instinctive emotional reaction to love and kindness.  Only the fierce protection of Mars keeps the Ram from being totally helpless in the hands of stronger people.  Wasn't it wise of our co-Creators, in arranging to keep the karmic plan in order through astrology, to insure that the Infant of the karmic wheel would be watched over and protected by the devoted warrior (and lover of Venus) Mars? 

His is the graced-by-the-gods 5-9 Sun Sign Pattern, making compatibility between the Ram and the Archer relatively easy to achieve.  Both the rare, quiet Ariens and Sagittarians - and the more common, typical, extroverted types - are far happier when they're both mentally and physically active, learning.  Like the proverbial prophets, Sag frequently fares better away from the place of birth, and delights in traveling to get there (with little nostalgia for the 'roots' left behind).  Aries suffers painful heart tugs from the memory of the 'safety' left behind, but nevertheless bravely joins the Archer, trying to match the faster pace of the Centaur's canter.  When the Ram joins Sag, and they travel together, the trip may be a little noisy, but never dull, and they'll energetically defend each other against any baddies who threaten them.  Despite their frequent squabbles, the unquenchable idealism of Sagittarius will forever move Aries to spontaneous affection and an unaccustomed compassion - just as the Archer will forever be touched by the na´vetÚ and honesty of Aries, knowing that here is someone who can be trusted never to be hypocritical or disloyal.  After all the smoke has cleared away, these two will still be standing there, smiling at each other with their hearts.  You might say that the Ram and the Archer are combustible, but compatible. 

give makes give - greed makes greed
flower makes flower - and weed makes weed
clean makes clean - dust makes dust
doubting makes doubting - and trust makes trust

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